To Do Tomorrow – for reals

I have to put the BC Human Rights Tribunal Submission together.

For that, I need to:

  1. complete the covering letter

so, before that: assemble the componants.

  1. The Translink Posts
  2. The Shoppers Drug Mart Posts
  3. The Life Labs email correspondance
  4. the Federal Human Rights Commission May and June Packages


need to write the Hospital Report: focus on Royal Columbian, but include the VGH Stroke Incident; through St Pauls inclusive;


Shoppers Drug Mart Corporate Head Office phoned my parents house to tell me that they were recording a phone call with me; and I told that person I did not wish to speak to them, and was in fact filing a human rights complaint against them – and thank you for the reminder/inspiration.

They called after dinner time – in the hours of phone calls one reserves for family and friends; Companies that have business with you, that’s what business hours are for.

In any event, I have changed pharmacies to one that is only a pharmacy, they do not sell complimentary alternatives to medicine, nor do they operate out of the back of a general goods store.


Panic Attack caused by unexpected and hostile callers…. they know what drugs I am on and yet they continue to fail to serve the patients that they confuse with clients.


Universal Health Care indeed.

Meanwhile, online

  • Ebony Skeptic's profile photo
    I don’t have patience either 😂😂
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    Pascal was old and a drunk when he did that very bad math. It’s not an either or, it’s a none or which of over 10,000, that all have the same zero evidence
  • +1
    godbots seem to think that people are not more expert now than the then times, and progress is the elimination of religion
  • Michael Davis's profile photo
    This is the first I’ve heard of this. Reading it I get the general impression we’re supposed to believe just in case it’s true since “If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing” (rolls eyes)
  • dervish dee's profile photo
    yes, that’s the logical conclusion 🙂
  • 2h
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    Pascal was once a gambler, and he invented the math needed for dice roll statistics; so Pascals Wager is a false choice of yes/no for a god with the suggestion that yes offers a better chance at immortality. His math fail was limiting the god set to the christian god and ignoring all the tens of thousands of others. It shows the complete emotional manipulation that works on the many who are confused why others see through it.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    European Existentialism, Dear Pascal, bad news for you. totally eh.
Advocates praise Merkel's support for free vote on marriage equality - OUTInPerth - Gay and Lesbian News and Culture

Dear Politicians, it is not about your personal beliefs

it’s about the law and how law works – it expands to include more demographics

or it means not a thing

‘We are in great peril’: Former PM Kim Campbell takes on Trump: Canada’s sole female prime minister calls the U.S. President a ‘fat shamer,’ ‘not competent’ and questions his ties to Putin
‘We are in great peril’: Former PM Kim Campbell takes on Trump
‘We are in great peril’: Former PM Kim Campbell takes on Trump
  • Griffin Walker's profile photo
    Kim Campbell was hated as much as Trudeau… Fake news…
  • Smokeygoggles's profile photo
    This is news? The Globe and Mail using Kim Campbell as opinion front. Really!! How lame, feeble, weak, thin, etc…….
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    The Last Tory PM of Canada earns public respect. Unexpected, eh?
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    +Griffin Walker Griff you know who says “fake news” liars and deniers, that is who. this is real news and it is significant – did you want to continue to be considered an adult? Avoid American Phrases in Canada. Campbell was not a friend to the LBGTQ community, and she was the fallgal for Mulrooney that ended the Tory party and now we have to resist continued American creep.
Accused Florida kidnapper was actually helping lost child, police say
Accused Florida kidnapper was actually helping lost child, police say
  • Greg “Basically Thermite” S's profile photo
    The police say, after assessing the situation. Normally their point of view is not what I like to lean on, but in this case they’re relatively neutral observers.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    it’s that it’s fox news and it’s not stranger danger hysteria that’s strange to me
  • Greg “Basically Thermite” S's profile photo
    I guess even a stopped clock is right twice a day 😀



“But the parade and Pride Month also exist to shine a light on the injustices that persist and to push against them. There is no doubt much work left to be done both abroad and at home.”
We mustn’t lose sight of work ahead in fight for LGBTQ inclusion: Editorial | Toronto Star
We mustn't lose sight of work ahead in fight for LGBTQ inclusion: Editorial | Toronto Star
Devin “Dray” Koks
What is left to do. I am gay. I don’t feel oppressed. I can marry my partner. I am seen as equal in the eyes of my neighbour’s and government. What else is left to fight for? Hell even Transgender have equal rights now.If it’s about this gender fluid bullshit than they need to form their own group and stop dragging everything we actually accomplished through the mud.

Nina Tryggvason
+Devin Koks law is one thing, society another – people still complain about the 1970s affirmative action correction for slavery – and compensation is next for queers, after apologies.

and, what’s next? dealing with this kind of bigotry: “they need to form their own group” in community and in the mainstream

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