Day After Canada Day, eh

Today I went to Central City Mall formerly Surrey Place Mall.

Partly for an exercise-ish walk, and partly to check on where my Blackberry is from the Rodgers Store.

When we parked, my Mom said “There’s a hooker outside of Timmy’s.”

Walking into the mall – I saw a security guard – a young woman not much older than the hooker. They both had black uniforms that were recognizable.

So I approached her and said “There’s a Hooker outside of Timmy’s; enjoy.”

We all shared a laugh and she headed out the door and my Mom and I into the Mall.

It occurred to me that I had told the Guildford Nespresso Guy that I had been once threatened by a Neo-Nazi at this mall, but as I rethink that memory – that was actually at Guildford near where the bread garden used to be, just outside of there was a vitamin/health woo complimentary alternative to medicine store. which I blogged about, so this is a redaction, correction.

But also partly for brunch – I picked up the softest chicken bun – honestly, I am not sure how much flour that there was in the cloud of flavour puffed air with a very silky shredded chicken lightly savoury with a green onion burst at the Maxime’s at the corner of the TnT Grocery.

But then a nostalgia wave hit me and on impulse, I got an Orange Julius new Flamethrower hotdog. Steamy bun goodness with cheddar n bacon with a hot sauce infused ketchup. They’ve merged with Dairy Queen.

This is where my Mom continued on and I tried to be ‘alone’ in the Mall, planning to meet up at the food court, for the final walk through the mall back to the parking lot.

usually, I go to the Booster Juice  .. Jugo Juice… I am not sure, they all kinda blur, there’s one in the food court:

I also told her that I was impressed to see her actually cutting up the fruit to make the juices, but what about the smoothies? they were still a fruit syrup slurry.

So I got a carrot, ginger, apple juice, and I asked her to throw in some of the pulp, for the fiber to manage the sugars in some balance of the whole produce item.

Which gave the drink a stronger flavour – it was delicious and I suggested they might want to offer spices, like Cheyenne or chipotle too – awesome for circulation and trace minerals. Plus, it’s the party for your taste buds, and you are totally invited, eh.

I did my Tim Horton’s used to be Canadian, then sold to KFC who did not know who Tim Horton was, so they lost the apostrophe and re-branded as Tim Hortons. KFC and Wendy’s made it a threeway; then Tim Hortons returned to Canada, without a name change; but now it’s owed in Brazil. whew.

I joked to the clerk about when I was a 1970s kid, at Orange Julius you could get a raw egg add-on – the banana is available still – but for how long, (meta joke insertion here) eh;

so OJ is now merged with DQ – Smoothies, Juices and Ice Cream n Burgers.

and that it was difficult to be brand loyal when they partner towards monopoly.

Each item was tasty and I thanked her for the pleasant customer service.


She did that gosh gee shucks embarrassed by a compliment routine.

so I told her, I am agoraphobic and afraid of people, so I really do mean thank you for the pleasant experience.

She stood shock still at attention, her face a soft misting of emotions

so I smiled at her and she smiled broadly, beaming back

and we both went about our day.


which is where I had another really wonderful encounter with the same young woman security guard; whom I had first talked to when I entered the mall with my Mom on the Tim Hortons side.

We recognized each other right away at the bottom of the escalator in the core of the mall, the original portion, which used to be pretty much all of it. The OJ is literally under the escalator, it’s original position in the mall and the only store there there from that era.

The security guard said that all she had to do was step outside and the woman ran – confirming the hooker hypothesis. Best option really, zero confrontation.

Her relief was palpable and she said it was the uniform, and that she was a kind person – and said of course, your face shows you have a sweet nature. She blushed and there was a nice moment. I told her that I used to do security downtown and there was understanding of peerage across age and ethnicity – and I don’t want to assume she was het, but she’s probably het. Not relevant to the scenario, and she continued at work and I continued not.

So, up the escalator to the Rodgers; where, there were 2 clerks and the girl clerk had a customer, so I went to the guy. Who nicely explained that they were backordered, and how it was frustrating for them and we commiserated, and the clerk took down my name and number. The interaction was so pleasant, despite the disappointment.

that when I walked alone through the mall to the food court where my Mom was; I walked into the Black Bond Bookstore to have a chat with that store manager.

Not seeing anyone who appeared to be one, or even an employee of the store, I walked out again.


At the food court, I could see a woman in a stunning purple sari with Opaline scales making a sort of paisley pattern around the edge – it was stunning.

I could not stop looking at this elegant older woman, and the two middle aged men with her, did not appreciate my gaze.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I do not mean to stare, but that is such beautiful stitching and beadwork, I can’t help it.”

at the next table, my Mom turned to look, smiling and nodding in agreement.

The woman shifted the fabric to show it to best light effect; the two men’s faces softened, their bodies more relaxed than before they noticed me.

One of them muttered something about the cost; which, in that moment, really became justified on so many levels.

I joined my Mom at the table – she had a DQ ice cream triple truffle blizzard and I finished my OJ hot dog


then, it was back through the mall, past the Timmy’s and to the parking lot.

home again home again


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2 Responses to Day After Canada Day, eh

  1. Sounds like you had a good trip out Nina. It always amazes me how people are taken by surprise by a kind word or compliment!


    • dykewriter says:

      in 2017, it is so rare for anyone to say one

      I still can’t speak to a stranger peer to peer

      I am only comfortable talking to retail staff who have an obligation to do customer service.

      Which The Public expects as owed to them

      so it’s a cycle of social entitlement

      I am overtrained in communication, so I craft the situation according the the variables in crossing demographics.

      and simply withdraw when I can’t. Each point of contact informs the overall outing, and it’s about finding averages and rebuilding confidence.

      Liked by 1 person

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