B Sides


I had a book that listed records and it was an international one. I spent a lot of years trying to track down various albums that adult record store clerks assured me did not exist.

So eventually, I got copies of Olivia Newton-John’s UK albums.


But this song was only released as a B side.

Back in the days of 45s, the side two songs often were not collected on albums – but the 1980’s leap to full 33 RPM sided singles made alternative and club mixes and remixes available.


Anyway, I remember one gym class, yet another where I did not have my gym clothes

The cat ate my gymsuit Paula Danziger


I was shifting through a box of 45s that they had for the square dance class and lo and behold, a scratched up ONJ 45 with the song.

I managed to get permission to borrow the disc and I took it home and cassetted it.

That what we used to do before torrenting and file sharing site.


Home made cassette tapes.


It’s nice to hear a not static and scratched version or warbley cassette on top of it. LOL



anyway, dedicated to unrequited love.

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