How to be Memeable

Retiring GOP Congressman says he did a bad job. His LGBT record proves him right.

what was that quote about never going wrong in politics voting for something that failed or against something that passed?

Like religion, politics is money for nothing with pages for free

Better to retire than be swept up in the upcoming Dem wave!


I think we all should be careful about this kind of expectation.


Can you let me hope?? 😉


given the various elections so far have been Blue waves

I think there is reason to think that the not voting on purpose percent will change.

So, not only can you hope, I think it might be warranted

kinda like the trump team and friends getting served
and the sentencing has begun

Did this Mormon leader just say that gay sex is worse than raping your wife?

an imaginary voice telling you to control other people is mental illness

maybe the police should be talking to his wife


No, no. When you talk to god, it’s called prayer. When god talkes to you, is called schizophenia.


talking to a diety in prayer vs talking to same diety over a hairbrush

I can’t see a difference or remember the quote I am referencing,

religion needs to be put in the diagnostic manual under delusion

Trump appointee: ‘Sincerely held religious beliefs’ can excuse discrimination

Islam is a religion that its followers ‘sincerely’ believe, on pain of death for apostasy. It imposes impossible yokes upon women, authorising them to be abused, making them responsible for being raped, and imposing the death penalty for same-sex relationships between gay people. However we need not stop with Islam, the Bible condones the keeping of slaves and the stoning to death of children merely for disobeying their parents. There is literally no act that cannot be justified on the basis of “deeply held religious belief”.


it’s also the same religion. Mohamed copied the bible and put his historic self in place of the fictional prophet Jesus.

and the bible was just bits of the Talmud and more recent propaganda, slave owning manuals and poetry. Kinda like the Internet, but like the dead sea scroll edition.


“Kinda like the internet, but like the dead sea scroll edition.”
You do throw some good closing lines. I can appreciate that. 😀


Gratitude and thank you very kindly.

As always, feel free to re-use as you please.

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