Shoppers 2: The Customer Zone

Today, my Aunt Olof got her British Columbia Identification taken care of, and it will be in the postal mail to her.

My Mom had my Aunt and the note written by the ICBC employee authorizing them to ignore the “take a number”.

I couldn’t even go in, I went next door to the CoffeeMonster and got a latte and a peanut butter cookie that was too big. When I finished, I went next door to ICBC.

A woman looked through the window, which had lettering listing the various services and advising there was no driving tests done at this location. She was concerned there was so many people waiting.

But, the place was only a third full, so I told her, “It’s not crowded, and the fewest people I’ve seen in three attempts to access service this week.”

I went in and saw my Mom and Aunt were being helped and I walked to join them. The other woman took a number.

The ICBC Employee looked up and asked if I was with them (My Mom and Aunt) or else take a number and a seat. I refrained from doing a joke that my Mom and I look alike, and said, yes, with them instead; so that other people didn’t feel there was something untoward.

Everyone was just blankly staring at their devices or looking around, so after that, I sat down quietly and waited for the process to be over. The moved from the front intake to the side service counter with the equipment. My Mom explained the technology advance of “it’s a stick, not a pen” “electronic screen”, phrases over the room din and the overhead lights.

I looked up at the sign above the U shaped counter, which included driver tests on the list of appointments. Standard Sign without location variations, a building facilities issue few would notice, until someone couldn’t get what was advertised and could point to.

When we left, there was a woman being anxious about the driver test, so I wished her luck and smiled – her friend had gone in and gotten her the number. I wondered how she would be able to drive being that timid.


Anyway, next, it was a quick one item to pick up at a Shopper’s Drug Mart – a different one that where I have the Pharmacy Issue – here, I was just a customer.

Now, there are only three White People in this next story and my Mom and Me are two of them. Everyone else was differing demographics, which have no bearing on what happened next.

There were three checkouts and 2 women on cash.

Each of them had a customer, and there were 2 people at each counter and the set up was one line, first person to first free till – like a bank line.

A man walked from the store, across the empty space to a cash counter, and ignored that the single line had 5 people in it.

My Mom, Me, a woman, a man, and then a White Man.

White Man began to speak loudly that why should he wait in line because that guy just cut.

That Cutting Guy, in a wifebeater shirt, claimed to have been in line already, but forgot something, and a clerk backed him up.


White Man, then walked passed the 4 of us and into a line.

I said “One asshole in the store is enough.”


and then, the verbal fight was on, one clerk said the wifebeater shirt guy could cut

I pointed out White Guy cutting and he turned around and returned to the line


but in front of the Man who had been ahead of him


I told him that that, had not been his place in line

that Man, said he could go in front

White Man had enough shame to shut up and get to the back of the line

then, a third employee came running and took my Mom to the empty till


when we finished, we got to the car with Wifebeater Shirt guy in the car next to ours.


I did not even look at him, he was putting his purchase in the back seat, so I opened my door and blocked him from getting into the driver seat


and I backed out and was out of the parking lot before him


seriously, dear grown up, get your shit together and then get in line

there is no “holdsies”

your inability to organize is not to impact other people


all the way home, all I could think that was

they needed to have signs and make line ups clearer

but also, that it’s good thing this was Canada

in America, that outcome would have been different and on the news


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