Dear Shoppers Draft Letter

Dear Shoppers Drug Mart

I was unable to find a contact form on your website that would allow me to actually contact you.

I understand from your legal page that you are not a chain, but a franchise.

I have had an extremely distressing experience in your Central City Mall, Surrey BC Location in your pharmacy department.


I had a poor experience of the clerk who repeated constantly that this was his first day.

He did not deal with the matter of my complaint of being issued a different medical drug than I was expecting.

I left the store upset and I called to discuss the matter with the manger, who left me on hold.

Whereupon three people picked up the call, to whom I had to explain I was waiting for the pharmacy manager.

When the manager finally got on the phone she blamed me for not correctly identifying the problem and having it revolved at the counter.

I am not a customer, I am a patient when I attend at medical interactions, and I was treated like a bad customer rather than the patient with PTSD and social anxiety disorders.

Your locations are not created with patients in mind, but with customers.

Your staff was not trained and the training that they do have was not being used in this situation where instead of having a health care, I was provoked into a panic attack.


Shoppers Drug Mart sucks

now… to consider what options that I have available to me

and which ones I reveal to them in their letter.

420: Spiritual, Medical, recreational

BC Human Rights Complaint

letter to Health Canada opposing their being allowed to dispense marijuna

Marijuana and Margarittaville

considerations and decisions

Brains: Our Bodies, Ourselves

also… what do I want?

Where has all the courtesy gone?

legislative change

improved corporate culture

better service, duh..

Vancouver’s 2 fave Pots: Coffee and Weed




  1. College of Pharmacy – also more general complaint letter about woo nonsense being sold with medicine; and in general stores that do not serve the needs of mentally disabled being in the back of overwhelming product crammed stores and high pressure sales rather than more clinical settings
  2. store manager, that pharmacy is abusive to people and patients are not customers



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