Image Free Post About Phobias, Terror and Fears

I got used to be laughed at by retail clerks when I would buy insect sprays – I would ask for them to:

  • carry the can to the counter
  • cover the images of insects (read: spiders) with tape or a Sharpie (felt permanent marker)
  • ring it up and bag it.

It was easier to make a joke of it myself first and then explain it was a deep seated childhood phobia. Hmm. “and then explain” and also sometimes “rather than explain”

The first time I saw a huge spider I was 2.5 or 3 years old. It was in my bedroom and it disturbed me so I went to get my Mom. She screamed and that was it for me – clearly anything 8 legged was horrifying.

my next encounter with an 8 legged thing was around the same age and in the same home – we were in a duplex. The family next door invited us for lobster or crab.

All I remember is the hiss of the steam that sounded like screams, the claws reddening and clacking, battling the pot lid.

I didn’t eat that and was horrified that the adults did, butter or no butter.

The legless snake was the next thing that scared me in person, their glidey slither gait.

the movie Jaws created a terror of any water I couldn’t see to the bottom, but then, I did almost drown when I was a toddler

Talking one’s way into and out of an emotional state, or maintaining a level state of emotion……

Understanding what to be afraid of or concerned about is a grid solution

probability  likiehood and Impact

helps one determine threat and risk assessment

I used to have a home – I mean I used to have a house – a building on a property.

when I wasn;t renting anymore – instead of dealing seasonally with occasional pests

I called a pest control place – every year I would have them

  1. vacuum the crawlspace for egg sacs
  2. perimeter poison spray externally on the baseboards

I also had them come to get a dead rat and deal with a wasp problem.

but, when had to stop their receptionist from finding my phobia funny

I reminded her that she only had a job because of people’s fear of insects, rodents and closed in places like attics and basements.

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