Mild Panic Attack Today

Caused by my Skyrim video game. So, I turned the game off and went back to bed.

I lay very still until the swirling and nausea went away

there was enough air

I wasn’t in danger of falling down and hurting myself

I could calm my breathing and know it was silly

a blur of frustration at the task repetition,

the video game character in a dark cave stuck in water to the waist

freaking dragons attacking too often

so I just turned it off and laid down until

my brain calmed down and I lightly dozed

laughing at the imaginary danger

but aware of the physical reality

of the brain/body response to stimulation

even simulated;

there are not many games for the playstation 4 that are not action/adventure/fantasy

So, in response to the question posed in the previous post

how does one know how ethical one is


the usual response is the cliche of doing the right thing when no one is watching

and I think the more interesting test is to do a simulation

and see how many wrong things you are comfortable doing to simulated people

when it is what real people are going through

determine your level of tolerance towards the suffering of others

just so you don’t have to

or see how good you can be, and where that goes you too, eh.

leaders and followers, enablers and resististors

that technology leveraged into the generational gap and overturning

of demographic class struggle of who gets in the front vs back door

who owns vs drives the car


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