Today, A Kind Act Made Me Cry

It was what I saw, and nothing that I did; to avoid reader anticipation.

I drove my Mom to New Westminster for a hearing aid appointment.

New Westminster, known as The City of No Left Turns – and they’d done more traffic calming since then.

It was, a bit of an ordeal between the Surrey construction zones, over the decrepit  Patullo Bridge and into New West via the Royal Ave nightmare exit and into the city’s core, that shares lanes with the traffic heading to the Sapperton Area, where the workers lived by the Train Station rail hub/shipping lanes on the Fraser, and to Highway One and beyond.

I parked on the street to pay the city rather than in the Private Company parking lot.

My Mom went up the block to her appointment and I crossed the street in the middle of the block to a restaurant – Bistro.

Where I have a very delicious cheese/bacon bubble waffle – which is eaten by hand, breaking off the filled bubbles.

Image result for cheese/bacon bubble waffle

I was enjoying my first experience of this Hong Kong food item now in Canada, eh

Outside the bistro, an elderly blind man was walking on the sidewalk.

The Bistro Woman walked outside and took his arm, and chatted with him and disappeared up the street.

The elderly woman also a customer in the Bistro and I watched for her to come back.

I could feel the tears on my cheeks, as I did not stutter or stammer as I spoke “wonderful act of kindness.”

Unhurriedly and unembarrassed, I dried my face.

She smiled at me, and dismissed herself, “He comes by every day, I just help him. When my 9 year old daughter is here, it’s her job.”

“You are a wonderful person,” I smiled back, “Accept the compliment, and kudos for your daughter”

The other woman gushed at her for a while and it was very Canadian, the praise deflection.

Later, when I paid, I thought she had given me too much change, so we laughed about that. I told her about working retail is challenging, when getting chatty with customers, sometimes you or they forget that there’s a cash exchange involved.

I told her that I’d come back with my Mom and since they had a interesting spaghetti dish, probably my Dad.

“Okay” she was pleased, “Next time your mom has a medical appointment”  – I had mentioned it earlier to her that I was in New West from Surrey.

“No, next time, we’re just gonna come here.”

I left a tip, even though it’s not the type of place one is supposed to. But once upon a time, it was supposed to be for the quality of service.


and next time, I’ll remember the name to share.




May 29, 1939…

In British Columbia, more than two years after construction began, the Lions Gate Bridge to and from Stanley Park and North Vancouver was officially opened by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

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