Viral Stunt Attempts

When I started my recovery process on my original blog, it was about running for Prime Minister.

I don’t speak French and I am too smart to get involved with anything as dirty as politics. Since I have already spent 13 years across 7 Federal Departments, I have a deep understanding, given my particular career track of literally starting in the mail room of what the actual application of politics looks like.

Here’s the Random Ntrygg for Prime Minister links.

Random Ntrygg for Prime Minister

Random Ntrygg Why Prime Minister

If elected Prime Minister; because my vision for Canada is the Star Trek Federation, I promise to offer William Shatner the position of Governor General of Canada.

I beleive that Mr. Shatner has brought a Canadian vibe to the entertainment world and that his recognition as a Canadian performer and cultural ambassador is over due.

Kirk for Govenor General

Random Ntrygg Assurances Prime Minister


what was interesting to me, is that when I do got out and talk to people

every single person, no matter what their age, gender or demographic group characteristics are, that I have said I will run to

told me that they would vote for me

some even asked me to run for sure


more interesting to me, was that it didn’t matter what I was wearing or how I started talking to them

because over the conversation, my confidence would build and there were flashes of my old self.



All I Need To Know About Life I Learned From Star Trek

Seek out new life and new civilizations. (Novelty and diversity are good)
Non-interference is the Prime Directive. (campfire rule)

Keep your phaser set on stun. (saves having to do paperwork later)

Humans are highly illogical. (but that’s what works for us)

There’s no such thing as a Vulcan death grip. (we beleive what we’d like to be true)

Live long and prosper. (the best revenge is living well)

Having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting; it is not logical but it is often true.

Infinite diversity in infinite combinations (IDIC).

Don’t put all your ranking officers in one shuttle craft. (or eggs in one basket)

When your logic fails, trust a hunch, because Insufficient data does not compute. (so understand probability and chaos theory)

Even in our own world, sometimes we are aliens.

When going out into the Universe, remember: “Boldly go where no one has gone before!”

and one last one, from Dan Savage

the campfire rule – leave people and places in as good or better than when you encountered them.

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