Dear Internet Trolls web 1, 2 & 3

Dear people in a relationship with reality


Dear Godbots:

Note to anyone who would post a fat shaming comment

the correct phrase is “Morbidly Obese”

and since this video, I have lost 150 pounds,

so any troll who’s meatbod weighs less than that is out of their weight class

VianaI bailed when she started singing.
I am of course opposed to harassment of any kind! However, I do wonder why this woman would broadcast her religious views and her sexuality anywhere, especially at work?
Furthermore, virtually no one has to be fat or obese! Thirty years ago fat people were rare and obesity was extremely rare. Now, both are the norm due to poor living habits. Maybe, just maybe she should adopt a healthful died, take up and exercise program and dress a bit more professional?

Nina From Canada, eh+Viana first poster to miss the point, eh.

“and since this video, I have lost 150 pounds,” your short attention span, and your inability to understand details, eh.

that video was not at work, nor in my work clothes. your comments would violate any HR workplace policy, and, I share the earlier video in reply

as for your idiot question of why on the internet should “why this woman would broadcast her religious views and her sexuality anywhere” happen, the same reason being is that is exactly what everyone else is doing.

SunEagle CherokeeBuddy, brother, good prophet, spiritual leader, whatever you want to call him, Jesus was a genuine human being who helped mankind !!1d

Nina From Canada, eh+1there was no historic Jesus, it’s a composite character of any number of street corner prophets of the era. 1d

SunEagle Cherokee+Nina From Canada, eh
Yes many prophets but Jesus was the best and most famous and most popular !3h

SunEagle Cherokee+Pastor Olita
Yes there were many prophets at the time, but Jesus was the best and most popular !3h

SunEagle Cherokee's profile photo

SunEagle Cherokee+Grace Kingdom ministry International
+there were many prophets at the time, but Jesus was the best and most popular !3h

SunEagle Cherokee+Lorien
Which part you find funny the George Carlin video or the people arguing on my post? 😁 I find both funny !3h

Nina From Canada, eh+SunEagle Cherokee there was no historic Jesus, jews were never slaves in Egypt, rome never did a census of people, that was added by King James of England. and given your user name, #IdleNoMore and #PopeApologizeCanadaResidentialSchools

Alex Blue

There’s still stigma about HIV. When will humanity ever grow up? Something to ponder about.

Immaturity about any illness is not pretty. It’s rather repulsive.

Unfortunately HIV stigma seems to be very prevalent in 2018.

Charles Darwin was wrong about humanity evolving, humans don’t evolve, they unfortunately regress further and future into stupidity. Only the smart evolve and adapt.

Nina From Canada, eh+2from the small pox to the great pox pandemics of the victorian age, to the 1980s/90s when AIDs was the new pox on the globe. now a preventable and chronically manageable, with sex education. so this is the biggest social harm of religion hampering education and hindering social values

Melissa Barrett+2There’s still way too much ignorance in the general population about HIV…
The information is freely available but people who don’t regard themselves as being in an ‘at risk’ group, prefer ignorance.

Nina From Canada, eh+3+Melissa Barrett there is still too much ignorance in the general population. the 1970s was the last decade of functional adults who were literate. there is no excuse in 2018 to be uninformed. 10h

Melissa Barrett+3+Nina From Canada, eh They simply aren’t interested in the information. They enjoy their paranoia and treating other people like lepers. There are a lot of arseholes in the world.5h

Nina From Canada, eh+Melissa Barrett that they claim to be educated, while posting utter ignorance, then they wonder why their incuriousity is not deemed intelligence, and they insult rather than reason. Godbots and Glandbots, eh. so predictable and interchangeable.

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