Back from Richmond

The drive to Richmond was better than the one coming back to Surrey.

I met my great uncle and it’s given me an entirely new perspective on the world and understanding of myself.

when he was a young man, he worked on ship that sank under the weight of ocean ice

he was the radio operator

and his was not the only ship that sank

I looked through a recently published book, in Icelandic

his photo was in it, twice, once at some time during that year in the radio room

and then a recent photo for his interview in the book.

I am a former Emergency Preparedness Professional

and this is my favorite tv series

Seconds from Disaster (TV Series 2004– ) – IMDb

Every breath you take contains a molecule of history
‘Caesar’s Last Breath’ tells the stories of invisible gases

Every breath you take contains a molecule of history
Nina Tryggvason
we all breath the same air, and ultimate drink each other pee, water water everywhere

James Sossou
Did you really have to bring urine into it?!

Nina Tryggvason
well, it was the more palatable than the other waste use of water, eh?
I mean, have you ever read a report of what’s on money?

“If there is such a thing as sisterhood, it requires us to stand with – and yes, even behind – the families of the missing and murdered indigenous women and girls.”
Feminists should work to secure justice for missing and murdered Indigenous women: Mochama | Toronto Star
Feminists should work to secure justice for missing and murdered Indigenous women: Mochama  | Toronto Star
or maybe the men could stop being oppressors?

the problem is not that women aren’t addressing this

many women are and they are not being listened to

it’s that the problem causers don’t care

and the systemic failure to actually apply the law

and the system is not correcting

because society is stagnant and not progressing
religion is mental illness
Dear Public: There is no ethnicity of heterosexuals who do not genocide, oppress or marginalize us
“A new video has been released which features a 78-year-old man and a 13-year-old boy sit down to talk about their experiences of being gay.
78-year-old Percy and 13-year-old Louis talk about how they each experienced growing up and living as gay.
The video was released ahead of the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales.”
A 78-year-old man and a 13-year-old boy sat down to talk about being gay (VIDEO)
A 78-year-old man and a 13-year-old boy sat down to talk about being gay (VIDEO)
Now THIS is something very new to our community

I came out in 1993, and there were survivors from the 1970s and 1960s and even 1950s

As harsher that those decades were

The groups that came out in the 1980s and 1990s, were decimated by AIDs

It was our generations X and Y – that really came out, because queers got all the blame for AIDS, where it was not “our fault”

THAT Said – it was Gay Men who had money that allowed American Researchers to figure the virus out, before the France team claimed the USA work as their own.

AIDs would never have been detected if it had remained in Africa, where it is now known to have existed back into the 1800s – yes – eighteen not a 8/9 typo.

The reason for that was mostly because other outbreaks of viruses killed people faster first – so it was hidden.

The reason for the spread of AIDs in Africa was the highway system – the trucking industry and sex workers in every town.

The Spread of AIDS around the world was owing to the airline industry for tourist, and the traditional Soldiers, Sailors & traveling Salesman putting boots under beds as much as on ground.

As each previous diseases were via ships of new and first contacts.

So – the world has very much, seriously and actually literally – which is telling that it has to be clarified:

Thank you to the Gay Men who died from AIDS, who were able to afford Health Care in America because they were not hampered with a wife and children – who were not downlow or closet that is – and were able to tell the medical staff that they were gay – and the pathogens were eventually traceable.

and Shame on the Health Care system of paying for blood, and delaying a proper testing – and causing more trauma and lesser quality of care and social life for queers – creating a horrifying division of deserved to get it vs victims of an infectious disease.

North American public society has been so sanitized – and that word is advisedly used – that people are unaccustomed to seeing that there are people who are different across many factors having to do with our physical bodies.

And, that distress some people feel at seeing another person who differs actually existing – is their disgust issue and their mental health problem

It says everything about them and nothing about the person they are looking at.

If they were to sneeze into a tissue and demand you take it

You really don’t have to

anyway.. in the 1980s, I was in high school and there was Boy George and Annie Lennox and Genderqueer was the polite phrase, Genderfuck being the other

The 1970s, when the hets discoed and began acting like queers, following their 1960s boy-girl sexuality cultural revolution following on the 1950s with Elvis Presley putting female desire and sexuality on the map – it was never about him and the Commie/Black thing was a red herring for the real fear:

Female Sexuality and her ability to choose or not, and if yes, demand satisfaction – which is the more emasculating of the castrating: performance anxiety

which, that flip side is that, they are not really turned on by women and their own rejection is what causes the lashing out at gay men, usually in groups

heterosexuals are very into controlling each other and group sex as a predatory norm apparently….

which is why: Purer in public, the bigger the perv in private

whereas, as a queer person, that’s in a way permission to be vanilla in practice lol. or not.

Ah… the other thing about the 1990s – and it helps to explain the tv show FRIENDS – which pushed the tv boundaries for queer characters, with specials guests and running characters,

was the 1990s was, in the mainstream – not only the decade when AIDS was finally understood as a global problem; with lesbians as the lowest risk group, notice it is not no risk, but low.

the 1990s Decade of False Memory Syndrome as a festering fad, but importantly, it was the Decade of the Adult Child of Alcoholics and Coffee Shops were on every corner, at every intersection.

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