The Every Victim: Kitty Genovese

A woman raped in front of several apartment buildings and murdered and no one called the police.

The story is thought to have occurred.

Kitty Genovese was a lesbian who worked at a bar.

She was followed home and attacked – people shouted from windows, she cried for help.

The man ran off. Phone calls where made, the police delayed.

She got into the apartment hallway, hers upstairs, where her partner, reported roommate was.

A Gay man on the first floor was too scared to get involved and saw her alive and dying and to his the indifferent quote is jarred from context.

It was not until after 9/11 that she and many others in the building were queer became part of a story that everyone knew, but not paid attention to.

Peter 'Bon' Bonsall-Boone dies waiting for marriage equality
May 21, 1924…University of Chicago students Nathan Leopold, Jr. and Richard Loeb murdered 14-year-old Bobby Franks in what was described as a “thrill killing.” The two were sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder and 99 years each for the kidnapping. In 1936, Loeb died of injuries inflicted by an inmate. Leopold was paroled in 1958, moved to Puerto Rico and died of a diabetes-related heart attack in August 1971 at age 66.

one victim, some victims in a sequence or all an event time  a mass public crime, then, there’s the genociders who do it by demographic, eh
When Rona Ambrose was at university she volunteered at a rape-crisis centre. But an opportunity to use that experience to help ensure that victims are treated more fairly in the courts didn’t come during her decade as a minister in the Harper government.
Ambrose’s sex assault bill her parting gift to Canadians: Editorial | Toronto Star
Ambrose’s sex assault bill her parting gift to Canadians: Editorial  | Toronto Star
  • she was the Minister of the Status of Women who removed “equality” from it’s mandate and oversaw a reduction from 17 offices to 5 and caused a massive de-funding of women’s community centres and impacting Battered Women’s Shelters. eventually causing the Winnipeg Women’s Health collective to end after several decades of operation
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