Obscure Got, Common Forgot

A 2 stop hunt n gather turned into three stores – trying to find “ginger in syrup”.

The Discount version of the Chain Store didn’t have it.

The Major Chain store didn’t have it.

but T&T had ginger in honey, which was not only close enough for the recipe, but also a concentrate to add to boiled water for tea on it’s own or added to other teas.

sadly, the whipping creme, sold out at the first stop, was forgotten at the second stop, and gone in the relief at the third stop.


Ah well.

I found a new bubble product and played with it as the tween Syrian refugee girl next door watched me make long bubbles and clusters of bubbles.

Agoraphobic Philosopher



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they’d rather vote against their own interests, if it means getting to oppress others
more like “no rights at work”

Infants Show Racial Bias toward Members of Own Race and against Those of Other Races

Two studies by researchers at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto and their collaborators from the US, UK, France and China, show that six- to nine-month-old infants demonstrate racial bias in favour of members of their own race and racial bias against those of other races.

The research is in Developmental Science and Child Development. (full open access)

Infants Show Racial Bias toward Members of Own Race and against Those of Other Races – Neuroscience News
Infants Show Racial Bias toward Members of Own Race and against Those of Other Races - Neuroscience News

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    That’s Bullshit ! Anyone with young kids knows this.

    Tammi Holladay (Harlequin)'s profile photo

    This is the most stupid shit I’ve heard in a while. They are babies and know nothing of color or being biased. To bad they pick up the habits of others as they grow.
  • Kenneth Black's profile photo
    As I under stand how this was set up , you automatically would get this kind of result .
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    no. they fear what is different from their norm, so this is not true in mixed families
  • exactly, most studies set out to prove an outcome and the methodology matters.
In 1986, my History Class attended the University of British Columbia’s Holocaust conference.

I met 2 people who had those tattoos – they were part of the panel

Also on the panel was the history professor and a local Catholic Official.

I stood up to ask a question, while one of the other 800 teenagers did

most too afraid to speak in a classroom never mind in a massive lecture hall

I demanded that the Catholic Official account for their intolerance of others

I included the Spanish Inquisition, European Witch Hunts and the extermination of the Cathar religion in the middle ages.

The Catholic – what’s the level under a bishop? he was head of a parish I suppose – sat there, unable to respond.

The History Professor got excited and declared that the Cathars were heretics.

I said “Which is my point about their intolerance, not an excuse for genocide.”

after that, moment of no possible answer, the panel continued and I sat down.

afterwards. I went forward hoping to talk to some of the panel

the 2 Survivors waved me over to them, because they really wanted to talk to me, knowing that I believed them, they shared more of their after experience

it was the best field trip in high school ever.

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3 Responses to Obscure Got, Common Forgot

  1. A brave point to raise as a teenager Nina. Wish I’d been there to see the faces!

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    • dykewriter says:

      I had just read that hoaxer 1985 book “The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail” that the later Davinci Code novel plagerized.

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    • dykewriter says:

      The Catholic sat there, miserable and unable to respond and the History Prof, at first excited by a high school who knew some history and smugly said “they were heretics” ended up slumped and miserable in his chair more than the priest after the smack down. it is totally one of my happiest memories

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