The Metrotown Excursion

It was Double Mall day, dropping The Niece off at the Surrey Mall for work, my Mom and I headed off to Metrotown in Burnaby for the HMV going out of business again sale.

At 104 and King George, the left turning car ahead of me suddenly stopped in the intersection and I stopped before the Homeless Guy on a bike performed Street Mental Health Issues, including spitting, before squeezing between the small car and my SUV in the fucking intersection of 6 lanes on King George and 4 for 104 and light changing.

That fright over with, we were stuck in the traffic on the hill.

Patullo Bridge shut owing to a “police incident” meaning a suidice jumper.

It was a 20 minute crawl down the hill until traffic turned left for the Alex Fraser or right for Port Mann or Golden Ears, both tolled bridges.

Turning up an unknown side road, I was surprised by the extent of the industrial park in bridgeview and the absolute crap roads and no sidewalks. Seriously Surrey, City Up.

Over the illegally tolled Port Mann, off to the New West exit, being sure to get to New West and not Coquitlam.

I meant to take 10th to kingsway, but out of habit went the Canada Way route.

Frazzled, needing to pee and hungry, I remembered the 50s Drive in Burger place and suggested it.

It was better than Fatburger and made me okay that the Rodeo Burger is gone from South Surrey.

Mom told the server “I’ve driven by so many times and never been here.”

“Everyone says that!” he said cheefully.

“I’ve been here before, over a decade ago.”

They had 10 meal items on the wall menu with a celebrity on each one, and I recognized them all except for the Hawaii image and it turned out to be a stock image, not a celeb one, so I suggest they put up Betty Page.

I had the LA King Burger, the Elvis burger with cheese, bacon and mushrooms and it was a 5 napkin burger. Mom had the John Wayne Texas burger, it had jalapenos and onion rings.

4 people who arrived as I finished ordered that burger after I told them it was delicious.

They made an Elvis reference, a joke that he’d eaten there, the restaurant only goes back to the 1970s with  various owners.

I said “Elvis never left the Hotel Vancouver when he was here in 1957, and the next day, DJ Red Robinson said the room number on the air and girls tore it apart. the radio station had to pay out $1,200 in 1957 dollars for damage.

It was fun. They offer to supersize your meal if you post it on facebook and you get 30 likes. so finally they are meaningful eh?

Our Menu – 50’s Burgers – Great Canadian Burgers!

50’s burgers. Say… Why not phone in your order? It’ll be hot’n ready in 15 minutes! (604) 553-1950. Picture. Our Famous Hamburgers. 100% sirloin.

The meal eaten  and back on the road, I remembered that Imperial was the route to go and we got a front row parking spot at the Sears entrance.

I grabbed my Mom’s walker from the back and we headed into one of the biggest Malls in the GVRD – Edmonton has the biggest mall.

My Mom  and I hadn’t been to this mall in over a decade apiece.

Through the Sears and up into the top floor of the mall, then turned around and back down a level and around, only to escalator back up – locating the HMV near the Chapters books.

Not really looking for anything in particular, I came away with a nice pile of musical goodies.

Image result for elvis live in vegas

Image result for elvis today legacy


Image result for dinotopia complete series

Image result for olivia newton john cd

Image result for hbo rome dvdImage result for hbo rome dvd

But also, had an excellent music conversation with one of the clerks.


I told him that I was impressed by his genre knowledge and that there might be hope for humanity, given how the boomers blew it and Gen X/Y have yet to gain those corner offices.


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