How to make the world better: USA

I am unsure which American Politician said it, but I learned the quote in the 1980s, and it was in reference to military weapons being nuclear.

“The Unconventional becomes the Convention.”

to date, 2016, America is the only nation to have dropped a nuclear device on another nation.

America needs to Apologize – Officially.

Atomic_bombing_of_Japan article-2633689-1E0780A900000578-815_964x623

And, it’s because there are arguments to be made, and an apology settles the issue, because the question hovers.

Most Importantly, and it’s important to put it first – to be FAIR TO AMERICA, it was wartime. Issues of the Day are difficult to ArmChair Quarterback later in the reconsideration and review.


To be Even Fairer to America, it needs to also be said that they made efforts to not use it.

America showed Stalin the test film, America showed the test films to Japan.

Both nations ignored the warning and even the plea – please, don’t make us use this.

mended09 14 2011

The 1900s was when war turned Industrial, Gattling Guns with cranks morphed into portable AK-47s, the freedomfighterterrorcausingerist’s weapon of choice, durable with few moving parts, it’s inventor died regretting that he ever invented it.

So, when Machine Guns vs Bayonette, basically Pikeman Running proved that Machines are mightier than men, metal fatigues, but guns don’t care who pulls the trigger. 360 swivel means it turns back on you to.

Entrenched warfare and shell shocked with Tanks and Planes, Blimps and Bombs.

catholics and nazistumblr_lu8jt1wufr1r08qs8o1_500


Something that America needs to admit now – to tell all nations that while for 50 years after the war, the public feels it was needful – war weary and traumatized, families losing all their boy offspring, Moms with up to 5 stars, Saving Private Ryan, eh. Good Morning Vietnam. Korea – North vs South. Chess vs Go, jungles and desert. Iraq Operation Manhood 1.0 and Iraq 2.0 Do What Daddy Didn’t – response to 9/11 Crusade Islamic Score vs World Capitalism as represented by America, replacing the former centre: The Vatican…


Crusades 2.0 Arab Edition

White and Black: A spectrum of politics

Trump vs Pope: Fallout

Religion by any name is terrorism


The Grail Code of Da Vinci

Reservations about Internment Camps

the-other-holocaust-ukraine621 index

Beliefs: right to and expressing them


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Canada’s Reality Check: Election 2015

George Takei hate quotesocial moviements wave

Anway, Dear America – Please say, it is too bad a thing to do to another nation, dial back and down.

Bio and Genetic weapons exist and no one wants them used.

we need to step back from what we know is a crime against humanity and nation to nation conflict and ending using other proxy nations.

The 1970s: All sortsa images and memes

index81zG3uVFEzL._SL1500_SONY DSC

the 1980s

The concubine's children denise chongGeorge Takei

Japanese Internment Camps and seizure of property… in America and Canada… anyway.

America and France have detonated more bombs in tests and that has had a cumulative impact, USSR’s TSAR Hydrogen Bomb sound saved twice around the world by the machine sensors of that time. it is easy to destroy than to construct.


48e930cd8002e72e011b142adf0f916eOlympic traditions

Perhaps we can re-divide and people who wish to exist under one system vs another, should move to where that is, and people who want to get along and work and play well and celebrate the diversity of people, and it’s less than 1%, which is why it is utterly stupid to kill people over minor differences.

environmental disastersclimate changed

North Korea: Da Bomb

Nuking Nations and Nuclear Energy

Science vs religionRwanda Women Post Genocide

Nuclear Nations vs Space Nations

Rocket Rattling replaces Sabres

We need one of the Big Power Nations to say, we’re not going to kill people anymore. General Amnesty… who is the biggest nation of all, the one to whom all other look, eh?

Canada to annex America?

Will American Refugees Apply For Canadian Humanitarian Aid?

I am canadianProtective Legislation Be Gone

The American Inquistion

America’s God Problem

I am bradly manningEdie Windsor

not discriminating is cheaper than social corrections such as Affirmative Action and Employment Equity.

_81577467_buddhas_pair ninewa-museum


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