The Grail Code of Da Vinci

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Leonardo Da Vinci was a naturalist – he studied nature, was an engineer and an artist. He was also not a Catholic, he followed the John The Baptist rather than Jesus – a difference that mattered only to the Church, and was the entirely of his secret – but knowing that, today, we have to assert there was even more – that any of the religion was real. Which it is only in that people believe it to the point of creating the infrastructure and allowing it power it should not have: namely genocide of those who do not obey.

Holy DaVincidivinity

The Holy Blood and Holy Grail book was published in 1982 and it caused a sensation with it’s detail of secret societies inside the Church, and that the grail was not a cup, but offspring – a bloodline. Mostly through word games of translation, which are happenstance of faux amis fallacy and wishful thinking that sincerity or desire of belief is evidence of anything but the emotion.

I read it around that time and took it to show how far people are willing to go for power and wealth, to create these elaborate hoaxes just to avoid physical labour and actually participating in society instead of parasitism.

images Engineering-an-Empire-7pk-DVD-F

Certainly being a scribe meant you had shelter, food and a degree of safety, you were literate, which put one above most people of the time, boredom, in-jokes, simple copy errors, having to rationalize your own belief in the face of overwhelming evidence that religion is a cultural product that barely holds people together in a civilization, being that they were copying documents from Classical Greece and Rome.


It was a way to avoid the horror of marriage too and be in the company of all mens. divine code

When I was 18 years old, I met 2 people who had been in german concentration camps. my high school history class went to a Holocaust conference at the University of British Columbia and I made a point of talking to them – seeing the numbers tattooed on their arms made history alive in a way that nothing else could have – and they wanted to meet me.

For I had stood up in front of 800 students to take the Catholic Church representative to task for not only the holocaust, but the crusades and spanish inquistion, and the slaughter of the Cathars and Knights Templar.

My question was “Why is the catholic church so intolerant of others?” the church rep shockingly, admitted the guilt and the wrong doing but not really saying that they wanted world domination and competition would not be tolerated – something the church itself has never done.

As a bonus, I got to verbally swat the History Professor from UBC when he justified the churches crimes against humanity by saying they killed heretics. that’s the church rational, and it hardly explains their intolerance to competition. Ponzie with Army, eh.


Shredding the Shroud

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Mona Lisa

1f1Pedo Priests

what was a secret for Da Vinci – his beliefs – was the secret and we solved that

Disciples of St John the Baptist under attack – Al Jazeera ……/disciples-st-johnbaptist-under-attack-201312159…

Dec 18, 2013 – Mandaeans follow the teachings of John the Baptist and claim to be independent of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The religion does not allow …

Da Vinci and Code

for a guy who didn’t exist, Jesus is more problems than he’s worth.



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