Trump vs Pope: Fallout

Damage Control, a blunt point too far and now Trump is realizing that “society” loves the Pope, not just Trump. If anyone knows of a word more self absorbed than narcissistic, it’s got to have The Donald’s picture.

pope vs trump_1455822135118_861894_ver1.0_640_360

Interestingly not all the Republicans Nominees sided with the Pope en masse to further isolate Trump; given that Trump is the only one to admit that 9/11 was on George W aka Bush the Lessor’s watch and that the Mass Destruction Weapons was a lie by that administration to start Crusades 2.0

Trump 9/11, Iraq War comments (cnn)

Dangerous to point out reality to the party faithful….

Marco Rubio sides with Donald Trump in Pope Francis spat (cnn)

Ted Cruz meanwhile is continuing it’s cavalcade of mis-steps – following on the Iowa Mail Fraud, the Carson Mis-representation, his people are now trying to paint Rubio as being an Obama friendly with a poorly done photoshop of the pair shaking hands – and I really want that to backfire because it also suggests Rubio as more qualified as being able to work non-partisan or bi-partisan whatever they are calling it in the political cycle to say a mean same but sound different words.

I think calling this photoshopped is giving too much credit, although it’s marginally better than if done in MSPaint.

When did the appearance of truth stop being part of the political theatre?

It is that they think the voters are so stupid as to not notice that they are being treated as being this stupid:


Kasich and Bush have backed the Pope in this verbal slug-fest.


Meanwhile, Trump tries to show that he can play reasonable and is suggesting rather than bloviating that the situation between him and The Pope has been media distorted, which is a rather insightful comment given his past conduct with using the media as his flame war medium in the past against Rosie O’Donnell, Whoopie Goldberg and … women…. I guess.

The Nominees are barely appealing to the party’s base, how are they supposed to appeal to the undecided and apathetic? never mind poaching voters from the other side.

From my view in Canada – Hilary Clinton is as right wing as America needs to be, and while Bernie Sanders plays well to the millennials and sounds like a Canadian: America is not ready for Uncle Bernie’s plan because foreign policy and not domestic is the president’s major role, and they have little to no impact on the internal machinations.


the world needs more women here than in kitchens or boardrooms

men compete with other men, women build communities

let’s face it, humans vs animals is why we made technology, it is our brains and not our thumbs that make us different.

Women, have bigger brains and more developed socialization and language skills.

We need diplomats and bureaucrats not hawks and doves playing boots on the ground.

war is the failure of diplomacy and we are in the global age, where countries get to exist and people are sovereign. unless we want to say that the law is for show and we never really left the jungle/savannas? rights only mean something when they are extended to people and they don’t need to be asserted, they are given and taken as granted.

The countries where equality is conditional, need to get their culture in order, because it is not okay to say a person should die because of a demographic characteristic and it’s not okay to belittle demographics or individuals there of.

It’s not funny, it’s not just a joke, it’s the small things that add up into the mass shooters at school and at work and between nations.

It’s time as humans, we all learned to use words and not violence.

to recognize that the “right” to swing one’s arm, ends before someone else’s nose space.


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