Random Movies and Best Quotes

Shirley Valentine: Hello Wall

shirley valentine

Bridesmaids Police Quote Meme


“This episode was poorly written!”

Galaxy Quest


“I did not use the Excalibur Test!”

Nina and The Last Starfighter

this movie’s moment of silence, the most astonishing 30 seconds of fictional film.

Nina and Queen ChristinaQueen Christina

“People Explode. Natural Causes”

Nina Repo Man

Abba Turd


“Jayzuz Criest Another Gawddamm Jonestown!”

in a movie set 10 years before that happened and recreated scenes from the Charlie Manson Family documentary, which meant in the movie, under 20 deaths compared to over a 1,000. but – remember – the movie was set 10 years before Jonestown and was made in the 1990, a spin off of sorts from the Freddy Kreuger Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise.

A support in the Teen Team to be killed plays lead in this poorly researched horror of cults and religion coming back for you.
Nightmare Elms st 3Bad Dreams


Dracula: once a Fearful Predator: by the 60s comedy and the 70s Sploitation.

Bela Dracula Christopher Lee Dracula

1980 Frank Langella brings the gothic romance and finally, a vampire you want to you bite you:

Frank Langella 2 Dracula

Merchants of Death: MOD Squad

Merchants of Death booze guns tobacco thank you for smoking

“a ten cent drunk”

what the world needs a 10 cent drunkLover Come Back

“No no no no Yes no no no no yes, no no no nono no YEESSS”

Also: the Stand Up Philosopher Scene.

Nina and History of the World part 1 Empress Madelaine Kahn

Bunny Slippers and Popcorn

real-genius-posterBuckaroo Banzai

Not my Planet MonkeyBoy

big book o citizen kane battle over ctizen kane

Citizen Kane is my fave movie, it’s not just a film snob thing….citizen-kane-rosebud-895f1 Citizen00

Because when you know what rosebud is and it ain’t the sled. in the movie, it’s that Mother Love, and in the subtext, it was Hearst’ nickname for her clitoris. She also loved puzzles.

Broken BLossomsMuch Ado about Racism

DW Griffith in the silent era: The Chinese Buddhist loves the Brit, but he had to be played by a white man otherwise too scandalous to show what is being told…..barbarians  in the audience … smiling makes the face ache… meanwhile, Denzel Washington Shakespeare to make the point about the Much Ado not being made. sadly, these types of movies didn’t continue.

MaxMaxIII-finalposterAuntie Shovels Mad Max

“you can shovel shit, can’t you?”

Norma_Rae im-as-mad-as-hell-howard-beale

Some movie scenes are so iconic, you don’t need to quote or name them.


Other movies teach us lessons, like rounding, fractions…social values


“I’m the boss, don’t you think people will miss me?”


“Do the voices in my head bother you?”


Movies who’s titles High Concepted or encapsulated “11”

can-a-robot-write-a-symphony movie_38393

pink bunny slippers and the Respect Speech.

total recallshut_up_and_sing_ver3

“consider this a divorce” gunshot… ah… hello audience? clue to audience….

targets and audiences… how a line sounds depends also on the ears.

post-42759-Sigourney-Weaver-aliens-guy-me-O1j2 MOV_9cb3aa6e_b

Casting and Cameos, in genre jokes… meta entertainments…

f08e65ae2b2ba553c0fb4c3e75711727 s-o-b-movie-poster

self referential, expose and exposure, critique couched in comedy, the Censor Workarounds



acronyms and what they mean vs what people think that they mean

affiche-chud-1 11189423_ori

“gentlemen, you can’t fight in here, it’s the War room!”


language skills and articulations


Quest for Fire had languages invented for it.

Maysel Brothers - SalesmanJesus Camp

People using language for the worst purpose: greed and violence.


“it’s pink”



Filmmakers and their context, and their commentary…


Movies are also a way to comment on the present by putting commentary into the past.

carol-poster trumbo-poster-bryan-cranston-2

sexuality and freedom of expression and speech. made now, but set back then, when all the queer stories ended in death of one, usually to make the survivor return to the safety of heterosexuality.. how brave to make a statement and then bury it. gay for pay and straight movie watchers, vs made by with and for queers.



very few movies tackled the issues in the context of now (well, when they where made, that now that was the then) true enough and true stories rendered unto fiction. gay for pay.


not.just.saying, eh?


comedy from take my wife and airplane food, to observational with swearing, to confessional therapy… it’s time to return to funny, subversive and inclusive commentary

referential rather than reverential or even stuck in that zero sum circle jerk dynamic of a picking on pecking order.

something that just proves how boring hetero-normative is when even knowing there’s other options is apparently, all one needs to know.

the world is war weary and we need to work and play well together, but it’s already probably too late.

Harald and Kumar go to whitecastletumblr_mbn5922PJd1qbvghwo1_500


Harald and Kumar Escapea-very-harold-kumar-3d-christmas-movie-cover

some movies are better warnings than others…. context is king







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