Global Economics and Feeding People

we are influenced by our culture and our times.

africa grade 11

Afrika is not poor, it’s been looted, first in Colonial Times, resourced to Europe.

Most of the regions of Africa were drawn into national borders designed to break up traditional boundaries by creating puppet nations with combinations of populations that were formerly enemies, constant revolutions of this reactionary faction vs another.

In South Africa, Apartheid had been based on the Canadian Indian Act Legislation.

A solar collecting array in Africa would be able to power the industrial and commercial world, with no more of this ancient carbon fossil fuel return of the Dinosaurs.

No more mountain leveling or massive strip mining and fracking the surface of the earth.

Us vs Themwoodsy-owl

Once more 2004 Indian Ocean wake with an axis wobble and who knows what’s gonna shift – polar ice, the last of the glaciers – imagine the shit storm of Everest’s centuries of climbers….

we need more doomsday seed vaults in more places….

we need to let countries flourish and we need to stop extracting, there are few places of wilderness left.

Trans Pacific Partnership is no dealNina Tryggvason anthropology quote

Say no to the TPP, it puts companies over governments ie: the people and the environment we inhabit. Idle No More.

09 14 2011workers

Memo to Pope: Refugees

Canada currently has no environmental protections and Aboriginal Title is the only thing protecting Canadian lands that are Crown Lands or Crown in Trust Of… Aboriginal Title Lands.

silenceNina and The Devil

How to make the world better: USA

There are people of Canada, living in 3rd and 4th world…I am loathe to use the word and it is with horror that it truly is the only word: squalor.

Canada’s social safety net is not as extended as it should be, and there are many holes in the various safety network.

All Communities deserve a professional fire, ambulance and police response, access to the national transportation systems of road, rails and air – along with the Navigable Water routes in maintained up to code vehicles.

Fish Farm protestorsreligion vs science

All Communities deserve an opportunity to participate in the mainstream community – which is why CBC radio and then CBC television happened, to keep Canadians connected Territory or Province.

Idle No More is resulting into a Canadian Tourism boost, and also because well.. People are not exploding in the streets and gang shootouts are an issue in the SubUrbz.

the one percent own half

Canada needs infrastructure and Canadians are very good builders, so it is unclear why “our construction people” are unable to support their families waiting for the government P3 projects while other construction companies are using foreign workers, eh?

Protective Legislation Be Goneenvironmental disasters

Canada’s Indigenous Reserves

McDonald’s? isn’t that supposed to be a teenager job, not one that a person has to have three of to support a family they have no time to belong to?

McPovertythe debate is over 97

From Neighbourhood Watch to Concentration Camps

Worker’s rights and safeties are undermined by pitting Canadian Union vs Non-Union Private Sector vs Foreign Worker Programs and these are all supposed to the same quality and safety of work, but they have different returns back into the economy.

too many paths lead to hoarder bank accounts and not the economy where it re-circulates theoretically….

Angles Media CardGlobal Warming and CO2


burn books then peopleAkexabdria



ERA now rationalist revolution queer nation Act up  rights now indigenous civil rights black civil rights abolitionists abolitionists suffragettes women passing for war

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