Canada’s Indigenous Reserves

Reserve, Reservation – almost sounds like a nice thing, but it’s a concentration camp without the construction of jail walls.

Land set aside for the original occupants that were displaced by the European Colonization of the “new world” and the turning of history into Canada and America as separate nations from both The European Nations and each other.

Remote communities with little infrastructure and no roads connecting to the larger world.

The Indigenous People have endured open genocide, concentration camps and restricted participation in the Canadian Society and the Residential Schools – Culture-ocide and breaking the generational bond.

Aboriginals are the only demographic in Canada that is above zero replacement in terms of births, but the higher suicide and murder rate of children and teens, missing women and men, likely reduces that lead.

The communities need infrastructure, schools, community centres, health care, Fire stations, a place to belong as part of Canadian society, and not just doing Ancestor Performance Culture for Idle No More Tourism.

Dignity and quality of life, inclusion and participation – not addressing the social discrimination aspect won’t let things improve, it just alters the degree of the festering.


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