Ted Cruz’s Creepy Soup Story


Facial expressions are very universal – primate even. it is why body language and facial expression are most of the meaning in interactions, something that is lost without face to face contact.

Let’s admit it, the real reason why video phone calls never became the norm is phone in sick to work – not wanting to be seen when you are ill and other lessor reasons and towards unworthy reasons. We replaced phone calls with emails and voice mail with text. Less is more, and medium, etcetera.

Anyway. when you do talk to a person, how they do speak, conveys the type of speaking they do – and while men and women’s body language varies, there are also wide cultural variations about using hands and gestural language, tone and volume.

However, when you factor in all that, there remains a common set of behaviours that we all do, because of how long we have been doing them.

Our core brain manages our bodies and our auto responses of response/stimula. This reptile  core is overlaid with the prime ape brain with the social behaviours, creativity, tool making and generational planning occurs, in family and in group – to the Sapiens Cortex, language, reasoning, quantum calculations and abstractions… thinking beyond eating and breeding. Hierarchical and Civilization thinking, beyond the self’s group.


We cannot hunker down in rigid religions as if it must apply to all, freedom of religion is the ability to chose one or not, as a guide in your private life. In your public life, you must be able to switch over to Secular Mode.

It is mental unwellness to be bothered by that other people exist and live in different ways than you do. It is more than xenophobia, it is bigotry and racism and prejudice and disliking people because thy have a different appearance, or number of limbs – although disabled at birth continues to be deemed different than becoming so at a later point in life.

It is mentally unwell to only care about life between conception and birth, but not afterwards.

it is mentally unwell to expect to have control over other people’s breeding or not, when you are not either mating with them or paying them.

Why do the people who demand small government want the most invasive government forms?


Married Couples, especially Professionally Married Couples have Cute Stories that they tell, to show their Couple-ness and also ensure the inevitable (usually) Stand by Your Man Show, common in American Politics when the Family Values Man are caught with either a 1) live boy or 2) dead girl.

Anyway, I am unsure what the story of the 100 Post Honeymoon Campbell’s Soup can story was supposed to convey about them.

Competent or Common Folk was not it.



Dear Republicans:

President Kasich & First Lady Wife is a better fantasy than

President Born in Canada & First Lady Campbell Soup Returner

President Trump & First Lady Trophy Wife #3

Maybe you should just concede and stop pretending you are a big tent party.


Take the next decade to die off and let the party rebuild – in Canada, the Progressive Conservatives, disappeared and was replaced with a Libertarian Harper Conservatives.

The Social “progressive conservatives” went with the Conservatives and the fiscal conservatives joined the Liberal Party. The Liberal Party is the Canadian Democratic party.


Meanwhile, the left in Canada – the NDP, would do better to merge with the Green and re-brand that way, because Blue Collar Union is Middle Class now , what there is of the middle class now….


Usually, America’s Left was right of the Canadian right, but Mulrooney caught up with NAFTA – Stephen Harper &  Ted Cruz, after all, they were both Alberta born in Canada. Harper was Prime Minister…. Cruz is trying to president.


A lot of European systems seem to have both roles…. mind you, women have Charter Rights in Canada, while American Women don’t.


Meanwhile, the Democratic Party as a Hippie Conflict and are choosing to President/First Lady vs President and First Husband… I prefer First Dude.

Dear Young American Voters – do not vote for your interests now, but your interests 10 years from now – the world does not need Uncle Grandpa in the Top Job.

The role of the President is outside of the nation, and Sanders is making promises not in his pay grade. Such is the state of America’s Public Education System, no longer even teaching Civics 101. Why America is not the nation that is the standard bearer of human rights and emerging nations are following Canada’s Charter.

world leader photo: not enough women here – this is the stage that you are electing a person to. 


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