Memo to Pope: Refugees

TO: Pope, CEO, Catholic Church Inc c/o The Vatican

It is nice that you have adopted a few Syrian families and I really hope that they do not have young sons. Seriously not kidding in the slightest.

nazi_catholics_04 2freidrichcoch

Canada, as you know, has taken in a number of refugees from Syria, which is a good change from the WW2 Stance of “None is Too Many” with respect to the European Jewish People being exterminated under a previous Pope.

Pope brings 12 Syrian refugees to Italy

Suicide Contagions on Reservations of First Nations in the children and teens of today because of the Residential Schools and the heinous treatment of abuse, sex abuse and murder.

Pope capitolism quoteA moderate head pedo priest

So Pope – prove lives matter and apologize and compensate the Victims of Vatican Sex crimes.

Stop trying to make nice and keep people in pews who have marginally strayed and undo the harm that the Vatican has done.

5 more Attawapiskat youth attempt suicide, chief says

Neskantaga First Nation in 3rd year of state of emergency over suicides

End the crusade 2.0 before someone goes nuclear or bioweapony, eh?

US sends 9 Guantanamo prisoners back to Saudi Arabia



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