Corporate Citizenship

Being a Good Corporate Citizen means that you get to operate your business in an environment where infrastructure is secure, as is power and water and access to suppliers, workers and consumers of goods or services.

Where companies went wrong was stocks and bonds becoming a product line unrelated to fiscal bottom lines.

Where stock markets go wrong is day trading instability and buying on percentages. More fees than anything else generating income.

Financial Institutions and Corporations that deal in Public Trust and Securities – have a responsibility to be accountable. Taxation accountable for the business, but also the employees in terms of their wages and compensation and pensions.

Companies that want the mainstream as a market niche, need to be more than a website or call centre.

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People want to support companies that share their values and that is more than righteous wingnuts – sustainability and community practices, good working environments.

Industries of Trust – Financial and Legal are where all the big money, legal or laundered is done and where the real crime is happening that undermines society and makes people not trust each other.

Companies that evade taxation on their own behalf or on behalf of their clients or customers is not a good corporate citizen.

Government regulates and protects the lands within borders for the people of the nation.

Companies – excepting religion – rarely outlast their civilization, being paper constructs, and without paperwork, there is no civilization.

nations that are banking havens are the problem nations, starting with the first banks with Vatican Inc outlasting crowned nations, eh.


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