Public and Private Toilets

Bathrooms are one of the most vulnerable places to be.

Most deaths at home occur in bathroom slip n falls or early morning heart attacks, also chocking deaths.


People have a weird thing about privacy and often in restaurants, people don’t want to cough and hack at the table, so they rush to the bathroom and can’t clear their throats, when remaining at the table and getting help or using the back of chair in a self Heimlich manouever.


Women like to go to the bathroom in groups, men stand ignoring others around them, no eye contact.

People have gotten so weird about smell that they expect to not smell things that you associate with bathrooms in bathrooms.


now, public bathrooms and elevators are the places of most danger for vulnerable people – teens, women, transgendered. there are many bathroom and elevator stories out there.


I have been the only born female in a women’s bathroom full of drag queens and I have been the only women in the men’s bathroom, because I walked into the wrong room, only realizing after I was washing my hands and another “proper patron” – a man – walked in and stood at the door – staring at the male icon symbol and then me.

Near Crew Cut hair, black overcoat, briefcase, sensible shoes, despite my Boobs, I often get mistaken for a man.

Now – as for assaults, rapes and murders – these happen. Usually by men and especially by men who are insecure.

The rule must be made to benefit the majority of people and the exceptions who take advantage for personal law breaking reasons do not get catered to. they get put in jail.

he she xe … language evolves


heteromen are wearing burkas do to robbery crime, shall we ban those too?

and then, in the USA the religious exemption to medical care for children remains.

religion only makes sense in one’s head, once you write it down and begin to explain it, one should start to hear what is really being said.


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7 Responses to Public and Private Toilets

  1. swordwhale says:

    You should be able to use the bathroom that suits you, I hope everyone boycotts those moron states (I dunno about Canada, you all seem so polite). But also why aren’t there more of those one room little “family potties”; useful for everyone from parents with a child of the opposite sex to someone who can’t stand in the women’s line, to “handicapped” (differently abled) to trans or gender neutral folks?

    arrgh… education education education…

    carry on!

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  2. dykewriter says:

    remember when the tv show Ally McBeal was most known for the bi-gender toilets?


  3. dykewriter says:

    how we have to dance around – stop raping and assaulting people – eh?


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