Food Treats: Soan Papdi

The best aspect of Multi-Culturalism is sharing food and it’s most exciting when you get to food fusion it.


Bikaji_Soan_Papdi_Manbhavan_Bigbikano soan papdi

Bikaji brand Soan Papdi is a very delightful product and it is hypersweet to a North American Pallette.

It is similar to Halva, made from sesame streets, but made of grains and is dryier.

There are coconut and other varies and other brands too.


It crushes into fine fillaments and melts on your tongue like icing sugar and “desert ice cream” is how I would describe eating it.



In addition to being a nibbley treat, it could be used as a topping, mixed into, or dipped into chocolate.

treats in moderation, being nutritious doesn’t mean it’s not fun to eat.

As there are nuts in the treat, it has a rich mouth feel and the almond pistachio with cardamon had a very Icelandic Donuty quality.

One Piece, finely crushed was  a reasonable portion. Some treats are more to be savoured and allowed to melt on the tongue for the full release of the flavours, sucked and licked too.

Foods with low nutrients are okay on occasion, denial creates obsession, and sometimes, it’s enough to give yourself permission to have a treat is enough to remember you don’t really need one.

It’s important to recognize the signs and indicators of comfort, emotional and compensating eating.

This is an unpaid customer product review. I do not work for the company.

Raw Recovery Specialist


As taste comparables, remember that the “orange drink Tang” was made for Astronauts because in space, your sense of taste is reduced and probably your sense of smell because of the brown fog.. toilets, just saying – it needs spice to taste and comes out as waste.

Smell, Taste, it’s all connected. The Freeze and capitalization of water or the dehydrating it slow heat – plus pressure (aka altitude) to make with the density, liquid, solid, frozen, flattened, saturated or saturated, salt, sugar, fat – the spices of bitter, sour, inky plus texture – chewy, swallowy, pudding or fluffy, crisp or gooey.

the science behind food, making it science, and fun arts, showmanship of craft.


Further Reading off blog:

Taste – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The sensation of taste includes five established basic tastes: sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness, and umami. Taste buds are able to differentiate among …

Tip of the Tongue: Humans May Taste at Least 6 Flavors …

Dec 30, 2011 – Scientists disagree on whether humans can detect more than five basictastes. Here are seven candidates for new tastes we might not know we …


The Six Tastes in Ayurveda | Banyan Botanicals › Ayurvedic Living › Living Ayurveda › Diet

Ayurveda recognizes six tastes, each of which has a vital role to play in our physiology, health, and wellbeing. The sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent tastescombine in countless ways to create the incredible diversity of flavors we encounter throughout our lives.

NAFTA – North American Free Trade Agreement.

To the World, Canada’s contribution to food is “Poutine” French Fries*  with gravy and cheese curds at the street/fast food end (please note ‘french fries’ were invented in Belgium) and Smoked Salmon, even in Canada, the food is a hearty Pioneer Peasant of boiled, baked, fried, BBQed.

Canada’s cuisine a blend of eating off the land, flames and ovens, home, industrial, commerical or recreational and some British and French cooking, and other foods that arrived with migrations, the Chinese Men who did much of the most dangerous of the railroad work, Ukrainians who populated the prairies, some of whom were interred for celebrating German victories against Russia, from whom they had escaped and hadn’t quite realized that Canada and Russia were allied at the point in time.

Dinner eaten in front of the TV, and 1950 introduction and 1970s reality of TV dinners and microwaves, crock pots, dehydrators, bread machines – the economy a balance of families being able to eat at home (what Mom or GrandMother makes) or going out to a restaurant.

From Food to Convenience Foods, Meals to go, Meals to Gulp, to food products of coloured slurries.  Pizza Chains were American even though the iconic dish is Italian, Jews brought Bagels, and in Canada, we break bread with each other for the most part.

“indian” food, like “chinese” food is more about their regional cuisines than the 1970s battered and deep fried, how fast one is hungry again, speaks to nutritional value.

with that over dramatic introduction, Major Grocery Stores offering aisles with products from new company brands from new trade partner nations.

Now, under NAFTA Free Trade, what that meant to Canada was that our brands were replaced with American Brands, Brand Lines and even Businesses. Walmartification.

Business Niche clearing and why governments once had anti-monopoly laws. 🙂


Worker Exploitation, Jobs are outsourced to lower production prices and increase profit, then, workers are displaced to go around local labour laws…


something to think about, being a responsible consumer, fair and free, really depend on what those words meant in the decade the deal was made.
trade alliances
it is probably too late for separation of corporation and state, which is why corporations are lobbying and contributing to politicians who ignore science and reality for their own gain and not the gain of the people.
I think we need to limit sphere of nations to rights, and why we keep having to fight the same social battles of skin tone demographics, to Female and Transgender, To Gay/Lesbian/Bi vs Heterosexual.
people are too focussed on differences to celebrate diversity and have a sit down a meet another person, eh.
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