Gamer Concepts: Alignment

Dungeons and Dragons was the first role playing game system, a story telling, group activity, Gary Gygax formalized and formatted The Standard Rules of Dungeoning and Dragoning, TSR the D&D role playing company was born from the 1960s and 1970s.

Hobbit9borrobil-completeD&D 1st ed


Alignment Memes – for children or the child in geeks, to Political realities and slightly more mainstream cultural references.


A combination of values and motivations that govern, guide and predict behaviours.

The idea has become deep in popular culture, geeks and trivia, pop culture references – yet has not been really incorporated into the Sciences and Arts around brains and personalities.

Nina D&D DM ScreenNina Deadlands Marshal Screen

Goodbye to MBTI, the Fad That Won’t Die | Psychology Today…/goodbye-mbti-the-fad-won-t-die

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – The Skeptic’s Dictionary …

Oct 27, 2015 – The MBTI is based upon Carl Jung’s notions of psychological types. TheMBTI was first developed by Isabel Briggs Myers (1897-1979) and her …

TSR put out the 2nd AD&D on disc and basically killed the product line for physical sales. resulting in the 3rd and now 4th edition which, I understand are very pretty books....Nina Storyteller Vampire Screen

Alignment 101: easy for children to understand

Science Fiction, Pulp Press and Movie Fans Alignment 201

Alignment 301 – Financiers and Systems Analysts….

America Canada UK… France… Australia & New Zealand – a nation’s international context. national character being a reflection of and upon the nation


People: not as different or complex as they like to think, eh?

crap... I've dropped into Dorkdom.....

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