Cultural Buildings and Codes

Water supply ‘partially restored’ in Delhi

This is an interesting story of a Social Have Caste (landowners) asking for their caste to be demoted so as to qualify for government job quota programs; into a – and I want to use the correct technical phrase:

Other Backward Castes (OBC)…which I assume is still better than “untouchables”.

European Feudalism is comparable to the Indian Caste system, which is all about divinity, and like anything religious – humans are beneath gods, except the favored ones they like so they say and so the rest obey. Separation of Church and Statement allows humanity to adult and not be mired in systemic oppression or to justify genocides.

China bans ‘bizarre’ architecture

Under the new directive, buildings are to be “economical, functional, aesthetically pleasing” and “environmentally friendly”.

The office building of China’s state-run newspaper People’s Daily has been noted for its phallic appearance, but really – what buildings aren’t?


We do have to start realizing how much structure we are putting on the crust and city footprints are mattering… Taiwan’s Taipei Tower is proving bigger isn’t better.

we also know big towers can and do fall down, and if they are constructed properly, it’s within their footprints and straight down, pancaking inward – and we have seen that live time on 9/11. air rushing out with poofles of dust ahead of the shock wave of the floors collapsing.

the Pyramids of bigger on the bottom and smaller on top, those stand longer than the civilizations that raised them up to better see the stars, although, they didn’t have the light and smog pollution of modern cities to block out the night sky and remove our sense of wonder and place in the universe.

then to go inside our homes and watch flickering lights of hearth fires or television and feel proportional again. dark night sky was why we creating the indoors in the first place.

North Korea unveils hundreds of new slogans

not very inspiring but at least they’re raising eyebrows.

Chinese-Social-Hierarchy Cultural_Revolution_poster

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