We, The People, eh?

The milestones in human rights:


The Magna Carta, no longer at the whim of the King of the Day.

druidryromanov-fantasy-frances-welch-hardcover-cover-artRoyal Families of Europe I hear Banjos

Heros and Heels, Hoarders and Horrors, Might Made Right, Religious Righteous

Stories, legends, myths and mythologies, Crown and Specter, God and Country, The King!


beowulf sagaGrendel John GardnerNina and King Arthur

Well, that was all feudal and all, then there arose a new social force – the merchant middle class, new lands, new peoples, brought new laws, the king is dead, long live the king.


the middle ages, quaintly called as if the industrial was the end of all, LOL the Information Age. the king is dead, long live the King or Queen or Someone in-between.

Nina and King Elvis20071018_declarationtrumbull-large1

revolutions, the end of the monarchies and dependent nobilities  – the social order re-ordered: France, Russia, America: The American Revolution: the Individual as the unit of social consequence not the family *gasp* – a dramatic shift. Personal Sovereignty – a change in the social rules – Give us your tired, huddle masses to show that anyone given an opportunity to work hard (translation slaves to wage slaves, they will be grateful and their spirits are already crushed bwhahahahaha) while not a direct quote or even a paraphrase, I am sure some of those robber barons thought so.

The Shot Heard around the world, the start of a revolution: Industrialist and industrialized man: man and machine: the steampunk dream. History and then the steamier side, history and herstory, the march of time and the ages of Man vs humankind – then man vs feminists and liberal men….humanist it is, reversion and subervision.

peasants revoltingThe decline and fall of practically everybodyrevolting peasants250px-Malleus

The Age of Empires had their sunset and the Democratic Industrial Revolution reshaped society, the world sub-divided into distinct economic blocks of contained inter-trade and human migration, punctuated with unplanned natural disasters and planned human failures of diplomacy: war. But, the American influence became evident, there was now a new cost to war, to the victors used to flow the tribute, but now from the loser drew compensation. From a gold standard to imaginary numbers of currency and interest.

Canada: world stage manager

Canada is not one of those horn blowing nations, we’re more on standby with whatever people need. Tissues, medicine, shelter. The Peggy Cove Airline Crash and when 9/11 saw planes divert to Canada – hotels overflowed and private homes opened … Continue reading

ConductUnbecomingsexandwar1PET paperdollmodestproposal

The League of Nations, the industrialized ones vs the Monarchs of peasants, to the United Nations and the idea of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd world was born, resulted in a 4th world, based on GNP (gross national product) and I can’t think of much grosser in the icky sense than that. People fear a one world government because then it means that we are actually equal and no better than anyone else just because of belonging to this or that demographic.

1985 – Canada leaves the Commonwealth to become a sovereign nation; a process that was started as a result of the suffragette movement, who has lost their bid to vote at the Canadian Supreme Court and had gone to the British High Court, who replied, our course women are persons under the law, god save the queen, eh? So now the Canada Supreme Court is the supreme court of the land. The British System begat the Canadian and Australian systems of law, which the American based theirs in so we follow the some common law and our combined legal courts and the UN – begat the World Court.

governments need to take and apply best practices, not endless study, and prevention is cheaper than compensation and genocide is no longer allowed. we the people is all of us, we’re all people who breath the same air, drink the same water and live on the same land, on a spinning rock, 3rd from our sun. we are all sons and daughters, in many forms of expression and we need to celebrate the diversity that we have. Change is a good thing, the need for novelty is the drive for inventing and we do best we we share.


We need separation of church and state as well as corporation and state and to realize that religions are in fact: corporations.

Corporations, now being deemed people in American law are responsible for mismanagement. and it’s time to stop pretending it’s a corrupt few, when it’s the corporate culture.

The Pope, Dali Lama and Aga Khan Walk into a Bar

how many living gods are there on earth? can we get them into one room and get their stories straight? Ithink it’s rather telling that there are no Aga Khan memes, very few Dali Lama ones and way more pope … Continue reading

Lezzie Bruce paradise

Canada Charter: Right to a Religion does not include advertising it

Religious rights vs. parental responsibility The case pits the Family Law Act against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Family Law Act states that only a guardian has parental responsibilities, including decisions about religious upbringing, and the mother, M.W., is sole guardian. … Continue reading



Rights are for the Right Sorts of Humans

  Stephen Harper is citing the Quebec Human Rights charter that limits the religious expression of people and is apparently considering it adapting it Federally. Conservatives surging in Quebec as NDP fades over niqab issue National Post‎ – 3 days … Continue reading

The then US and Russian presidents, Bill Clinton, left, and Boris Yeltsin, right, with Canadian premier Brian Mulroney in 1993. Picture: GettyCanadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, left, greets President George W. Bush during their meeting in Quebec City, Canada, Friday, April 20, 2001. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)


Agoraphobic Philosopher Ponderable: Canada’s Decade of Marriage Equality Law

Legally speaking, marriage equality has been in Canada since 2000, when in all provinces and territories, except Quebec – when queer couples were deemed included as common law. On the world stage, Canada was in a race with Spain to … Continue reading

The Road to Rights: Modern Infrastrure Assimilation

“imperial measurements” were actually done to the body of the king a king scaled world until MAGNA CARTA – and poof it was no longer nobility who sorta had rights to property, and the property peasants became sorta citizens… demographics … Continue reading


Trudeau+with+Nixon trudeauTrudeau and Fidel Castro, arrival in Havana 1976 mandatory credit: photo by Rod MacIvor/Ottawa Ottawa Citizen use only. : Trudeau: Photos by Rod MacIvor Ottawa Citizen use only. :

2015: The Year Sex Came to Canada Politics

“The nation has no interest in the bedrooms of the nation” PM Pierre Trudeau


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