Real Estate and Shadow Flipping

Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal sadly never goes out of date on the commentary.


There is no right to own property in any secular nation. Government retains that right for regional and long term land use. Where there will be a city and where there will be a town and the legal distinction between them.

Vancouver BC Canada is often quoted as one of the Top 10 Global Cities to live in, which means that actual residents can no longer afford to live there.

A person who puts a property for sale, uses a realtor and either a notary or a lawyer.

A property is listed on the system and once entered the listing is in a 24 waiting period, in which it can be seen by realtors.

Realtors who sell to anyone who can afford, from anywhere and it’s about burning property titles, the listing is pushed into advertising services by the Realtor Companies and the Realtor Agents.

Computers and 24/7 – that stock exchange lag time exploited in the 1980 Wall Street Greed Bust.

By the time the property is made “live” on the official site – it might already have a bidding war on it and between agent offers and shadow flipping where the property owner of the Sale Listing  sells to a “buyer” who has already brokered another deal.


Also – Immigration and not all refugees are people without finances – the GVRD has a lot of areas that could and should be torn down and rebuilt – but not house by McMansion House. Community Planning included existing Residents, all First Nations Issues Cited and Included, and not at all beside the point.

civ-world-banner-5193169  10232-1989_simcity_large

However our collective ancestors lived in various times and places, people prefer to live in a secure infrastructure and a society that behaves as we are told that it is.


Caste Society vs Classless Societies: generally hinged on owning the property, which is a privilege and not an entitlement, eh?

Fairness and Equality. People are only willing to support it so long that the balance of who is benefited vs who muddles through vs those who get the short end, the fuzzy end or screwed.


A single Property listed might go though several fee flippings and Realtors and Lawyers and Notaries who are blending and blurring or breaking the law are serious crime, far more dangerous than street gangs.

Professionals lacking ethics undermine their Profession and the Institutions from which they legislative stem.

Professional Organizations cannot be trusted to self regulate, unless they actually discipline their members.

Most Professional Regulatory Board have defensive war chests to defend the profession as is, rather than towards the public good.

The Public Defenders and Trustees are not trust worthy – how can the public trust any business to not be a shell company that laundered organized crime money?

Regulation the Regulators….


REALTOR® Code of Ethics – British Columbia Real Estate ……realtor-/bcrealtor-codeofethics.pdf

Real Estate Council of British Columbia – Making a Complaint

If you have been involved in a trade in real estate in which you believe a real … TheCouncil considers all complaints about licensee conduct or competency.

modestproposal gulliver-firstedition1726

Real Estate Council of British Columbia – Complaint …

Jump to Licensee Conduct ConcernsReal estate boards sometimes investigateconduct that may be in violation of their Code of Ethics and Standards of …

moors1massive archives family docmentsEngineering-an-Empire-7pk-DVD-F

B.C. government introduces new shadow flipping rules

Mar 21, 2016 – The B.C. government is pledging to end a murky real estate practice that has become known “shadow flipping,” and will work with the mayor of …

churchnstatecod wars event poster_l

What you need to know about ‘shadow flipping’ in Vancouver…/what-you-need-to-know-about-shadowflipping-in-van…

Mar 18, 2016 – WATCH: Premier Christy Clark is promising to close a loophole allowingshadowflipping in Metro Vancouver’s hot real estate market. But will …

landowners, landlords, land and property owners = tenants and occupiers.
Landlords vs Tenants: either side can be the bad one, and they both can be.

Vancouver renters being squeezed out by landlords …

Oct 9, 2015 – The other tenant is fighting the eviction on the grounds the landlordevicted them without building permits in hand, which is required by the Residential Tenancy Act. Mr. Morgan says the … are also facing eviction from their east side home, which was recently sold. …. The digital replica of our newspaper.


Tenant from hell leaves string of landlord victims | Toronto Star › News › GTA

May 5, 2012 – That, according to advocates for landlords, is when evicting tenants … mean every person facing eviction has increased rights to mediation or a …


Residential Tenancies – Province of British Columbia

Information about renting in B.C. and dispute resolution services through the Residential Tenancy Branch.

main-qimg-09f66638b0cd7c5619da374f99e9226aada lovelace
Provinces and Municipalities have to get Real Estate Companies under control, because the lesson of Gordon Campbell, when he went from being the mayor of Vancouver to the Premiere of the Province is that he ran on the Traditional Conservation “Family Values”;
BC premier Gordon Campbell mug shots hawaii vacationscience in canada
who then demonstrate how much they value families by catering to Business and making it so that the people who voted, can no longer live in the riding these Conservatives get elected in – and then, neighourhoods come down and towers go up younger and more liberal people move in and the Electoral map changes.
ARTS_Chairman-Risk200px-A_Modest_Proposal_1729_Coverlife board game edition
Cities can best increase their revenue by getting fees from transaction sales and this further practise of Mortagage Insurance is where the Banks need regulating because they are flipping property without proper documentation and owners are suddenly being evicted from homes they never sold, or are left having to pay of mortgages they never took out.
the-other-holocaust-ukraine62151vqGSAQJgL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_the one percent own half
Victims of Crime are being victimized at so many levels. the inmates are running the asylum and Business, which is about stockholders and not people, is not even pretending to be anything but Private Interest in Commissions and Socializing not only Capital Costs, but also subsequent damages.
index CabinetofCaligari_KarlOskarBlase2 bp-poster
they are not even pretending that they are not… craven indifference is the phrase: to the employees to the customers, they care only shifting markets and why there must be Separation of Corporation and State.
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