Climate and Carbon

The Paris Climate Treaty is being signed, but will it have any more impact than the Kyoto Accord?


When Companies are out of reach of regulatory frameworks, they chase the cheapest market of employees, the least environmental regulations and the highest price market they can dump their products into.

One Company or Country polluting is pollution, it is not offset by some other company not polluting as an offset – it is like expecting to lose weight by paying someone else to eat healthy for you.


Separation of Government and Corporation doesn’t mean very much when companies move head offices to best tax shelters and then expect government handouts and customer loyalty to brand while undermining Nationalism


the environment is what we live in and homo sapiens need to behave better, not adapt to further climate destruction and habitat loss.

Canada’s Indigenous Reserves

Global Economics and Feeding People

Earth: a right to life for the non-human forms?

Community Notes: Queer to Humanists

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