Nuking Nations and Nuclear Energy

When I was in high school in the late 1980s, I signed a pledge that there is no cause higher than that to oppose the nuclear industry.

I have volunteered in non profit groups for women’s health and queer equality rights.

but I blog about energy, food/water and shelter security. a big part of that is nuclear

japan is not able to manage that situation and America’s reactors are falling apart.

and Canada had chosen to shut down a reactor that was the major source of medical isotopes….


I shudder to think that The Simpsons in many ways is more documentary than fiction


article-2633689-1E0780A900000578-815_964x623 hiroshima-portrait-mother-child shadows

science gives us technology

and religion impairs our wisdom to manage it

when religion and politics get together

we need a religious test for office and positive test MUST disqualify them

we need diplomats and not sabre rattlers with button delusions

spiritual people regard their navels, while religious mind their neighbors

this paranoia that someone might be enjoying life and that it’s a dress rehearsal for an after or next life, is what renders this life meaningless

and we can’t let them take everyone and everything out of the universe


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existence must be more than mere quantity, quality matters

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