Religion by any name is terrorism

US faces shortcomings in coalition-building for anti-ISIS war

CTV News  – ‎5 hours ago‎
WASHINGTON — To doubters of its strategy for defeating the Islamic State, the Obama administration likes to tout its coalition of 66 nations and claim strength in numbers.

Canada to pull fighter jets, triple training in mission against Islamic State

The Globe and Mail  – ‎4 minutes ago‎
Canada’s fighter jets will be coming home from the Islamic State fight on Feb. 22, as the military ramps up its training mission in Iraq and Syria.


When Christianity was in charge and the Pope ruled over the Kings of Europe, there was The various Crusades against unpopular religions, and those in other lands. the word was spread by the sword, because the word instructs in said sword use.


Religion is a mix and match game and it depends on what sort of setting one is from, and wheat vs rice is where it begins, and the generalized and specialized and genderization of labour. Pantheons that were for everyone or Mantheons… I mean mono-theisms for were men.


religion is what allows one population to be nasty to another and pretend to be the good guys, rest in pieces.



rocks, pointy rocks, sticks and pointy sticks, sticks with pointy rocks

metal pointy sticks morph into missiles




the Abrahamic trilogy: Jewish, Christian and Islam are the SAME religion, it’s just a matter of the century they are culturally and technologically stuck in.

Trickle down tech, when will Corporations have their own nuclear arsenal?

now they are above nations and religion is causing the civil unrest rather than insulating government from it?



Unfriendly Skies: the Air India Crash

The Air India Flight 182 (1985) brought “foriegn terrorism” home to Canada, driving home the need to flee one’s homeland for a new land for a new life, and not to continue devoting to strife in the Mother/Fatherland/Old Country. India … Continue reading



Canada: world stage manager

Canada is not one of those horn blowing nations, we’re more on standby with whatever people need. Tissues, medicine, shelter. The Peggy Cove Airline Crash and when 9/11 saw planes divert to Canada – hotels overflowed and private homes opened … Continue reading


Ghettoized Communities: Muslims in Vikingland

Norway ends blasphemy law after Hebdo attack – The Local Norway has scrapped its longstanding blasphemy law, meaning it is now legal to mock the beliefs of others, in a direct response to January’s brutal… The Norwegian Christian Party …Continue reading


In The Paris Wake: Canada bomb or not to bomb?

Canada’s six warplanes, with an airborne Polaris tanker and two Aurora surveillance planes, arrived at a base in Kuwait just over a year ago, on Oct. 30, 2014. Since then, their contribution to the coalition has been modest but certainly … Continue reading

Invisible Visibility Invinciblewithout apology to Margaret Meed warning: viewing may be distressing, 9/11 content

Godbottery: Islam Edition

I admin a small Flying Spaghetti Monster group and recently, FSM groups are being targeted by Islamic Godbots. They are a bit different than Christian Godbots. Peace begins when religion ends I will stick with science.  How Can u judge … Continue reading


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