Canada to annex America?

I know that by population Canada is a smaller nation than the US of A.

But it makes more sense for Canada to annex America than the other way around.


America was the nation that the idea of the individual rather than family clan being the unit of social importance, but individual was a qualified and demographic depending.

This idea of rights being geographically dependent is really sharp focused when you realize that moving with America has an impact on your rights.

So we see the fiction of them as being tangible, but their reality is really pointed out where rights are extended instead of having to be asserted.

So in Canada, gender equality trumps other rights, especially religion, which is what the holdback for there to be rights is.

American Women would all benefit from becoming Canadian.

I know America just made marriage equality the law of the land, which is not easy in a republic of nation-states – Canada, being a Dominion is national oriented with delegated provinces, wherein there is an equality assurance of rights and government services being the same in all provinces and territories. So the matter of civil servants and members of the public was not only settled in the legislation, but has 10 years been the social norm.

Health Caring abortion and marijuana is way better for society than criminalizing it – and this is where the Canadian thing is – not controlling others as we don’t want them to control us.

Americans shouldn’t have a hard time adapting to Canadian culture, we are a fusion nation, multiculturalism and American culture is very popular here – but not so much the Old West Shootout Mentality, we have more a culture of relying and help each other than being suspicious and paranoid – so just pretend Christmas is every day and get along with others.

Mostly, America needs to get away from the US vs Them, binary, 2 party thinking and realize that there are a lot of options and there isn’t only one way to be, there are many viewpoints – and no silence.

For Canada to be annexed by America would be a loss of rights for many Canadians. Only in Canada could a party like the Bloc Quebec could exist in parliament instead of in prison. Now that is a measure of real rights.


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