America’s God Problem

Donald Trump more waves than thumps his alleged childhood bible (*pronounced “buy bull” – which we all know Trump with 4 bankruptcies and almost as many ex-wives is a subject matter expert in).


Dear America: you really were founded to prevent this – your government has failed.

I wish to remind you that are are a Republic and not a Theocracy.

I really do think that the Republican party would elect a black-hispanic lesbian in a wheelchair AND a single mother as long as she was born again christian over a heterosexual white male atheist.

It would really hurt them, but that is crazy godbot logic: all emotions and glands, no brains


The American Inquistion

9/11 ended America’s Isolationist Period. I say Isolationist Ironically, given that they have attained Global Dominance via Military Bases to a level no other Empire achieved I think the USA might have displaced the previous record holder:  … Continue reading

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Canada’s Mosaic vs America’s Melting Pot

I had an interesting online conversation with a poster calling himself The Patriot that I wanted to share: Canada is a multi-cultural society and it’s time our holidays reflected that: there should be no civil holidays that are non-secular or … Continue reading

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Will American Refugees Apply For Canadian Humanitarian Aid?

Canada’s Refugee System: which means: Dear America – guess what apparently you can take the human out of the ocean, the Savannah jungle and forests, but you can’t get him to act humane eh? religion is a mental illness people. … Continue reading

gop-translator voting_republican_sm

An Open Letter to America

You are no longer the world’s leader champion of human rights. In fact, you never were – you trumped rights for some on your soil at the expense of everyone else on the planet – just look at your consumption/pollution … Continue reading

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Understanding Ammosexuality: North American Edition

An United States (mini nations within the) American Republic Tale of Northern Dominance and Southern Submission: mental_floss   “The generals sat at two separate tables, reviewing the document in which Lee agreed to surrender. Grant’s decision to allow the Southern … Continue reading

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