Crusades 2.0 Arab Edition

The Crusades were Catholic Church lead and Europe supported attacks on land claim vs cultural domination.

Christianity ended the Classical Era Trilogy of Grecian Culture, Roman Empire and Egypt’s Grain and Monuments, those writings went eastward and returned to Europe with commentary and a math friendly number symptoms with Muslims.

The Industrial Revolution gave rise to economics over religion as the means for government to control the masses, and science was no longer subjected to being tolerated by religion’s hierarchy.

it peaked with the world wars based in Europe and extending to the Pacific Rim, machine guns ending in atomic detonations.

Wars turned cold and were about flexing Gross Domestic Product Innovation with Cultural Attractions the peace time war – sports, arts, – alliances and influences, sidekicks and annexes, assimilation…

SIS says it has trained at least 400 fighters to attack Europe (off blog)


Accommodation, Inclusion, Tolerance, Ghettos and Reservations…

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terrorism, war, hot war, cold war, social warfare, hate crimes, crime…

when do we give peace and working/playing well a chance?


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