Gilmore Girls: Taylor Doesy Do

Taylor Doose was the Boring Bureaucrat Town Operator of everything and only one costume short of being a Scooby Doo Villian to bring in touristism to Huckster Town in a State of them. With only a dare not be spoken in polite conversation dalliance, and limited relevance as once having been a field hospital and combo medical and whorehouse district in the Civil War Era. History Tourism at Home – part of America’s Isolationist Stance.

On TV – Stars Hollow was the closest I had ever seen on American tv of a Canadian small town. On a Scale of we have only 4 Major Cities that get world notice, vs how many American cities can you name?

There’s been a social media connection between the Character of Taylor Doose, Small Town Major USA and the former leader of the NDP (National Democratic Party – blue collar -union, resources co-op, the party that brought in Universal Health Care). More on that in another post.

This post is about the character of Taylor, the Boss of Stars Hollow, Tourism and Tradition.

He owned the Grocery store and managed the town’s alderman business, licensing and his finest moments were at odds with his interests, vs public interests, to that which he served.

From his Grocery Store, he Pontified and Drones to all levels of people, grooming one generation to the next into Civic Pride Behaviors, Doing what The Parents Did Not.

There was, after all, only one person that actually respected Taylor, the other Adults in the town – even the other authority figures, didn’t take him seriously, eh. Respect, when it’s confused with Reverence.

The Women in the Town mostly scared and embarassed him.


Taylor, not being married or having children, lacked the persective to understand the mimicry and generational reversals, the difference of social position of earning respect and the balancing of bestowing something to pass down.


Taylor’s historonics, control freaking, his Legislative Quotey and Prudish Preachyness, watching him as a sad old Troll, never out of the closet gives the character a different spin, but even when he lost the election and no one voted for him and rejected, I don’t recall that character ever having a redeeming moment. He enjoyed using authority to bully people, including other business people.


there was a creepy quality that bordered on pedophile too and Rory was the everyone pleaser sponge kid and Taylor was in the Grandpa Bracket and rory, lacking a dad…it’s a morphing facet… it is these weird things that people notice and talk about that change the show.

Taylor thinks he’s a Pillar of the Community, but he’s really just a Pillar and Post guy. AS in tie them to and whip’em good. Ineffectual Creepy Males over compensation. demanding and never commanding

When Star Trek the Next Generation aired the pilot – I was so creeped out by the Riker greets Boy Wonder Crusher, that I didn’t watch that show until it was on the Columbia Record House VHS club.

Sub-text and ALT.Text – fan readings, fan fiction, slash fan fic, Kirk/Spock

Character Archetypes: Tony Randal Fussy Fag, Precision Bureaucrats  (Bureaudrones), Confirmed Bachelor, OCD Control, Desperately Seeking Relevance Squares in a Hipster World, Uncle Dad, Crazy Uncle Bernie, Scooby Doo Villian, Creepy Capitolists, Saviour Complex, Drum Beaters and Manual Thumpers.


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