Spaceworld: USSR’s Yuri Gagarin

Today in Space History – the first man in space is Yuri Gagarin, from the USSR circa 1960s.



Since then, we had Canada as the first nation to have a commercial satellite and add to the space robotics and optics fields.


America had an array of items in space, and then raced Russia for a series of stunt firsts for the public taxpayers and that era ended when America landed on the moon.

Skylab fell and the International Space Station emerged with support from the European Space Agency, America and Canada, with India and China joining the Space Nations.

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the 1980s

Skylab had fallen and the International Space Station was in it’s planning stages.   by the 1980s, all the really achievable things we could do in space where done and it took a shuttle explosion to make the public remember … Continue reading


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