Girl Reporters and Nancy Drew Clue Teams

In the 1970s, there was Johnny Quest, Boy Wonder tagging along in the grown action world of racist hijinks… then, there was Dora the Exporer, the little girl of mixed ethnic heritage so that any number of children would and would identify with her and learn about exploring the world.

TV Reviews: the New Nancy Drew – Veronica Mars

The world of Children and the World of Adults is only separate in fiction. The real world is the real world and children become experts in how to navigate that.

Most children’s stories about often about children having adventures without adults and often against adult’s rules and instructions – and the child or teen, or the passive protag who leaders a quirky squad and marshalls the best in them who solve the various riddles and puzzles. The King and the friends stories, outcasts who become in inner circle crowd.

Scooby Doo cartoons becomes the Buffy The Vampire Slayer Scoobies… Referential Meta-tainment. Gen X and Gen Y – the first generation raised on The Boob Tube during the era of Quality over Quantity.

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#GotMilkWeed: How You Can Save The monarch butterfly

besause this little girl in 2016, would have been me in the 1970s, had there been the internet – cute enough indeed, eh?

Girl reporter, 9, breaks murder story, told she should be … ‘Is that cute enough for you?’.

USA, Cuba and Canada


Gilmore Girls vs Veronica Mars

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the 1980s


The 1970s: All sortsa images and memes

big book o citizen kane battle over ctizen kane

TV Shows…Where Tropes Began

Broadcast NewsPrimary-Colors-U-K-Quad-Posters

Xena and Gabrielle: From Subtext to Well Duh

Nina and the Heathersnetwork_poster

From Nina’s Nonsense to Heathers


Nina’s Nonsense – the High School Article


Career Achievement Unlocked: Nina’s Nonesense

$_35Kathy Griffin wants a tony

Rules of Writering


A Chick named Nellie Bly


How Many More Mass Deaths Before we admit: Religion is evil? it is the cause of both military actions and civil criminality where lives are lost at minimum wage jobs for the contents of a cash register and a few packs of cigarettes. religion is what makes life cheap and meaningless, useless poverty that does not need to be that way.

Tax the churches and end personal income tax, then infrastructure and give people constructive things to do – not making garbage. the unborn that matter are not ones being aborted now, but the idea of life existing in another 10,000 years for any kind of life.

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Rosalind Russel in His Girl Friday and later, Holly Hunter in Broadcast News – girl reporters and writers and news editors like Mary Tyler Moore.

You know, not every child has crappy parents…. but most people sure have, given the way that so called adults like to tell kids to not hit or cause harm and then vote for fear mongering politicians who only like the demographics that they like and no others.

Well the Afterlife

The thing that adults hate more than a child who talks back is the child who talks back and is 100% correct and 100% right…too much cuteness and thankfully, she also has a brain, the girl knows how to use it, Like eh!

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