From Bio-Domes to Magrathea

Contained Habitats or Terraformed Planets.

In addition to the Norway Doomsday Seed Vault, we need to replicate that with a similar vault in the middle and at the south perimetre.

We should also contruct Bio-domes for only plants and insects. some with or without other species subsets – marsuipials I think. slow breeders, longer lifetimespan, longer to think about things.

Watching the end of the Homo Sapiens and the decay of concrete and whatever is ruins that remains standing, because remember: the rule of the Classical Era was to ignore the Rule of Ancients: Bigger on the bottom and smaller on top, on bedrock, doesn’t fall down.

The monument of the one, built by the many, cultural endurance and relativity.

The Science of Building to Code: Pyramids

The Classic Era of Columns and Supported Weights, Domes and windows.

Sky scrapers ever thinner, pillars and webfloor suspension, floor loading and in sway estimates… building before and after disaster and codifying into law and built solid for the level of consumer it’s built for.

Eternal Dieties, or the Punter Masses.

God’s Glory Hole

Niche clearing, at some point, other species take on deity dimensions, until you can sit back and contemplate, civ to civ, how to be and where to stand, on the side of social issues and equality progress.

History Channel’s Lost Worlds

The balance of where each of us aspires to be in the middle between the 1% at the top and the 90% on the bottom.. where, if you understand global population math, if you live in a Western Secular Democratic Nation, where every ballot counted is an apathy low at less than 50% turn out; you are in the Top 10% of the global population just for living in a country where you do not have to worry about bombs being dropped on you as you sleep.

Of Emps and Pyres

If your main concern is gang street violence, as if the 1920s Gangter Tommy Shot Gun Chicago’s Peak Gangster Al Capone, brought down by IRS accountants and not law enforcement by the way. Untouchables being a relative term and it’s based in contamination more than corruption.

Religion: drinking or sipping the koolaid?

You know, it would probably make sense to fill rockets with seeds, spores, fungus and tardigrades, micro critters, in all directions off earth to seed whatever there is out there in the universe. It is unlikely that humans will ever get to space exploration, we can’t work and play well enough to do that. Sorrry Earth, better luck next time.

Preparing for Mass Extinction – the piggy back of exploration into space.

the biodome projects proved that you can’t put more than 2 people in a sealed room, 3 people is too geometrically complex a zero sum and dom sub world.

Out of Africa: Risen in Turkey

The Great Pyramid: Temperature Scans 2015

Technology images and homages

Hoax Busting, Debunking, Skeptical Process – Rational Thought is not about how one rationalizes, eh? that’s called The Framework. Religion is about the Supernatural and it has no basis upon which to comment on the nature of Nature.

it’s time to stop pretending that dieties sneezed, vomited, shat or fucked out anything.

There is no magic dirt, everythings’ the same age and all that matters is what shaped it when – Geology of the Planet is Physics – including liquid and atmospheric fluid dynamics. Geometry, 3-D with a Skin makes it 4-d – the ability to process that external reality into internal meaning for the duration of one’s life, in the context of one’s environment.

Religion is a Meme, and it’s a bad one when you can’t defect out of it or it fails to tolerate that other kinds of people exist. Mental Illness is not being able to tolerate and cope with reality – and it’s reality that is intolerant to people, because of other people’s religion.

Why there is none that are acceptable, unless they encourage the holder of the belief to keep it to themselves unless asked or invited.

And, when you tell someone and they say, don’t – it is a rejection of your religion, because they already have an experience of it. And it’s don’t. Don’t think it applies to my body or my life. Religion is the only belief that includes forcing it on others and judging them by that, rather than by the law of the land you are standing on. Situated… a person at a point in time.

The Grail Code of Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci was a naturalist – he studied nature, was an engineer and an artist. He was also not a Catholic, he followed the John The Baptist rather than Jesus – a difference that mattered only to the Church,


Related References: Annoted Endnotes and Afterthoughts, eh?

Biodôme | Space for life

Come immerse yourself in five ecosystems, home to over 4500 animals from 250 different species.

“Doomsday Seed Vault” in the Arctic | Global Research …

Jan 28, 2016 – Doomsday Seed Vault” in the Arctic. Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don’t. By F. William Engdahl.

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