Technology images and homages

I had a pony. his name was Raindrop.

I had a pony. his name was Raindrop.

Early transportation: you walked or you rode something that did. then there were before and after carts, the pulling and dragging wheel era. horses to horse power engines.

Combustion, burning and exhausting. Fusion frizzling frission trans-mutability

09 14 2011

it was inevitable that someone would use a plane as a bomb instead of bombing the plane.

cule de sac

Anyone with an internet connection can go to google maps and look at anywhere in the world to even closer than this – so we can see the kinds of places people live now or show

the reality is that for every person to have this, we’d need 5 more earths of resources – these are single family homes in Canada. we need to have density because we need to have more wild spaces and forests and jungles than we have now. if there is a future for the earth over the longer term, and to be clear I am intending to sound alarmist.

evil-homeopathist mythggekjpg perspective 425898_494037857326977_1371800356_n

people who make it and people who use it

workerstagged commuter dog THISONEAlan_Turing_Gay google map porn

the mirror and windows, reflections and light refractions, arches and pillars for support to uphold a structure so the occupants support a social hierarchy of which side of the pane you are in, determines your life’s pain..why religion-ocracies are not illuminated with rights, as in secular equality and social equilibrium with mobility, which should increase the middle, rather than squeeze it end to end. tax the temples.

homeless reflects societyst-patricks-cathedral-picture

taxes support infrastructure, and harmonious functional enjoyment of work and street life

Rainbow crossing 2 Rainbow crossing 6 Public Bikes

Iron filings responding to a magnetic field. Image by Ahmed Mater

Iron filings responding to a magnetic field.
Image by Ahmed Mater

magnetism Green Roof at Library Square

Building for communities and quality of life – includes the atmosphere, which means land zoning industrial and commercial and residential and building for the geophysics and climate.

Viking Green Roof BC Place roof collapse

50’s tv: Lucy and Ricky vs The Honeymooners

rikcylucyfight1 the-honeymooners-pow2

60’s sitcoms was a genie vs a witch under different master-husbands.

I dream of Jeaniebewitched 5

shakespear portrait shakespear statue

Painted portraits and statues to photographs

Phil and Liz in sight of the courthouse Venables View CSIL 650 am radio Planet Solomon Web 1 Gus Tryggvason suicide nets on shut in stand up suicide net Meme florescent light meme  BBQ 07   Lezzie Bruce Abel-one-of-the-first-New-007 using tools opposable thumbs Elvis Time full spectrum lights low watt bulbs Nina Day Nina Tryggvason SFU DJ Nina Tryggvason Baby Dyke Photobomb going outside mended

jpg 4

Gears and wheels…

Nina VFS dvd

Western Cable 4 – over 150 hours of in studio (recorded and live broadcast) and on location – call in shows, themed talk shows, arts and sports events of local community interest.

Western Cable 4 – over 150 hours of in studio (recorded and live broadcast) and on location – call in shows, themed talk shows, arts and sports events of local community interest.

generator 1 generator 2 cargo cult 1 cargo cult 2 planned obsolescence shower timer 2 light source Grundig wind up radio World Band Reciever Tsunami2 HurricaneResistantHomeDesignFeatures The divine code

providing safe water is the only way a city can develop or exist, eh – food security tooNina drinking water bee-colony-collapse-disorder-illustration Nina and frogs Nina and Polar Bears Nina it's a disaster

people getting around in multimodal – cars, trains and buses, subways and monorails

this bit of Granview in Vancouver shows the area of an installment of activist names and well.. I have one there – so I am in stone famous in my area. inso far as anyone can read or recognize my handwriting LOL. people step on them as they walk. so erosion eventually

the art installation Nina and Pompeii Hitachie DVD camera Nina with Sony a350 Polarizing filtre Pentax lenses

lens, camera optical effects, magnification and macroingCokin magnifying lenses RBG lens Nina withPentax Program Plus prehistoric civ prehistoric society Vue sniow tire lock bolt Vue regular tire reverse engineering crashes Nina and OSH RDG circle of excellence

Happiness in the 1980s Akexabdria Sears microscope Nina and her microscope Nina with Handwashing poster rpm

I shared this on facebook with the name: Bon Jovi

I shared this on facebook with the name: Bon Jovi 

Elvis aug 14 glady grave soldier boy 50s tv family radio family Edison Wax Roller Phonograph records

Fish Farm Fish Farm protestors fish farm pen said and heard


USA USA USA the moon moemnt 2004_-_Aloha_From_Hawaii Change Margaret Meme

supporting the troops Noises by Nina the DJ Newsie Nina - David Watmough Interview

Boom and Bust Buildings canon-laser-class-650i amicus features overview-files-large overview-contact-large maxresdefault 6a00d8341ccdc953ef0128779207c6970c-800wi tmvaa7 2012_10_AMICUS_LOGO_COLOUR_300_dpi1 il_fullxfull.367562801_bb1q the networked office Thermal_Transfer_Fax_Machine Thermal_Paper_for_Fax_Machine cathyyogacartoon cathy

This is not Jesus Juice and this is not an age appropriate drink for an adult to give a child, until said child passes out...... French Custom Exception. eh?

This is not Jesus Juice
and this is not an age appropriate drink for an adult to give a child, until said child passes out…… French Custom Exception. eh?

jvcnipper USA death ratios 2015 smile_respirator_mask_clothing N95 mask Facemask taiwan-earthquake-building-collapse-lg leanto fig-6-2 bridge The Way to a better world

global-finance-chart-concept-earth-49263785 Woodlands postcard_woodlands_hospital west-lawn-window

Riverview Hospital

Riverview Hospital

Riverview_Canada laser-pointers-blue-laser-pointers-20000mw Laser_pointers1 GreenLaserPointerdd4cb91137f548d38dcbda80fde774e2 laser-pointer_hazard-distances_nightscene_1019x800 Blinding the Cockpit balloon-boy-hoax-e1271712407664 21h5HHKqcmL._BO1,204,203,200_ betterworld-charts The Periodic Table atari2600-100022448-large simple-digital-picture-frame Picture-Frame-Digital-10.5in-1 cylon_replaced1 Iraq on Freedom Fuller on Livingry

caprica-featured caprica-54bb08a9dc96f 3615309e66ddc507e4a2c65a97b34eb8 Maslow_2014_revised.png jungvsfreud window break seatbelt cutter 1 in 2 bodygard-5-in-1-emergency-tool-could-be-a-lifesaver 1373596789_9514 5321f87189c961f623a382cc07e2caa6 skynet_wallpaper_by_coverphotomaster-d4xqkbr Cystoscope-med-20050425 (2) brainwaves 3f4bf0a banner-AlaskaCruise-20111 severe-weather-disaster-preparedness-L-ZFz2t7-175x130 extreme engineering 900280_mega_engineering 730391_mega_builders 1969_february_26_contact Engineering-an-Empire-7pk-DVD-F peter weller 1395139742124376 CarlSaganQuoteForMarczyk 1v5a AK500_U-3 1511260_f520 0501s religion-vs-science1 Science-Vs-Religion_o_107775 iu17e the_hitchhiker__s_guide_to_the_galaxy_prop_by_hordriss-d5brldp

ad3_thors_hammer Save Your Fork There's Pie

Internet 1 pen-vs-sword-150x150 ps_move_wheeel_thumb playstation-move-bundle Move_Acc_006 logic3_sports_pack_move_ps3 2631526-move



81GxzVloOTL._SL1500_ 31cUJwPw5UL 400871-atari26002323 7800_4 2dbcc300-1359-11e4-9d16-0759e16cb1a6_pong-game-screenshot turins-logic-engines ada lovelace Featured Image -- 27409 Thomas Coex/AFP/Getty Images newton_laws newton1a newton3r newton2r newton1r fall_2013_sketcheskey_3 01amgm a07fig08 dev_models 400px-Beyoglu_4671_tricolor 323777-mimobot-usb-flash-drives-elvis-presley Ricatech_ep1950_elvis_presley_turntable3 guru-geometry-1 geometry-3146 geometry Egg-geometry-proportion-symbolism-detail 1280px-Teorema_de_desargues.svg _bitmaps_GeomGeometryTypes hyp_image006 quote-Hypatia-life-is-an-unfoldment-and-the-further-220757 betterastro astrolabs 557px-Conic_Sections.svg

Astrolab 13th century

Astrolab 13th century



sunbeam Filmvolution city within music-Pink-Floyd-xkcd-Dark-Side-Of-The-Moon-album-covers-Dorm-Poster-_146583-6 Dark_Side-of_he_Process alberta-deficit-cartoon600px oil-and-gas-well-drilling Consumer_Reports_Magazine_September_2012 1348241128622 043043.1-lg adbusters   Paul-Walker-car-crash-sce-008 james-deans-car-4 jamesdean_competitionmotors_093055 life-board-game-pieces-oavdhrgk 1340125476_battle_ship_board_game_progress boots on the grounds 6a00d83451f25369e2013488fb49ca970c-800wi 97497431-e1371494771197 martian_canals 35hmxn prehistoric_google_big I-know-not-with-what Cabinet-White-top 1181242172216 1181242172188 1181242155152 dragonslair20 1118223525 afterburner indiana-pole-position02 758_after-burner-climax-arcade old-cpo Gauntlet_game_flyer featured-01 16-rpm-2 Elvis-Presley-Autograph-Model-Portable-Manual-Record-Player-with-Elvis-Presley-Promotional-Double-Disc-EP d0a3_1_b portmannbridge

View of the "Second Narrows" Bridge towards the pier where the spans collapsed (photo by James Marsh).

View of the “Second Narrows” Bridge towards the pier where the spans collapsed (photo by James Marsh).

Lions Gate 3787145181_d59102f1f9 Alex-Fraser-bridge gv_20140423_biv0118_140429972 teamwork_o_249672 Frequency-of-miracles balloon5 periodic memes i-gave-that-attention-whore-a-like-240x180 facebook-meme funny-facebook-memes signing-into-facebook-and-not-talking-to-anyone-just-stare-at-people-statuses-like-facebook-meme elvis-bigfoot-lochness-blog elvis-presleys-ufo-crashes-into-nessie book_elvisufoconnection obama-is-proposing-to-end-the-nsas-bulk-data-collection-as-we-know-it 4ebde06f91fa99db3f6b168ed8f82290 governmentdemotivator_large tradition fireworks-03 Fireworks_CrossSection640 garbage_paradigm Biometrics_traits_classification[1] mobile-phone-evolution-2 darwinbday_cameras_804 apple-computer-design-evolution evolution-of-computers iEPmqNKJqNm4 keyev_selectric_338-100391768-orig Duplex-Typewriter-Jewett-Antique-Typewriters-284x300 Sumerian_account_of_silver_for_the_govenor_(background_removed) article-2309930-193DA3CF000005DC-952_634x522 ISOBase 500004774-03-01 sro916 350px-Columbia_Supercomputer_-_NASA_Advanced_Supercomputing_Facility 2011922-computer-room-1970s-f1257_s1057_it9220 DC_1_MAVAC server-room Operating the UNIVAC1 computer, 1950s 6a0120a85dcdae970b012877709a04970c-pi 39440231266846a7ab1ac01925126235 91F1t69dyRL._SL1500_ Bringitonzombies-80766 9233-Zombies-MEME 41cRbdvrdIL Glow-Sticks 19580483_af3de93fca_o 1280px_SantaCruz_CuevaManos_P2210651b_wikimediaMarianocecowsk_384

All Giza Pyramids

All Giza Pyramids

3048 Religion 01300 623932059733-2 60377.ngsversion.1421961555688.adapt.768.1 Viking site_27 800px-Viking_landing meanwhile-at-da-call-center_o_2175085 0f7d59dc9fb0528b36b6915511db7781035917947c55390860a2f23ed6374ea5 Hitachi elderly-scooter Razor_old_a footboarding bike On-the-buses-1600-1200 taxi image_01_chris_marshall mollys-reach-rae-brown eggs 8163583_f520 consensus_1024 scientists-clues-print timeline-global-view 30-future-timeline Haldane Breakdown of Air Polluters Chart tumblr_lj8vfzptb01qg5mwho1_500 media-ownership image4 media-ownership merc_sources

sections-rc-graphic1 mideast-iraq-islamic-state _81577467_buddhas_pair 3D-Buddha-projector-youtube 2012-634883347687194926-719 150413103529-nimrud-isis-0411-super-169 tall-people-problems-390827 m9c1PUIOpFhGtul2HgrTeBA ice-storm ford-storm-281213_lead_media_image_1 icestorm-canada-pylons-down overview-of-smart-power-grid blackout_diagram beaufort-wind-scale memearcade.com_764_1369837674 canadarm2-photo-from-csa-tumblr-blog Gravity-well_large earth and moon gravity well Plasma Tube Earth meme-policestate replacement 62874406 268906b030104adaa8eab8b5c116bf2fa8e76cdc089e33bc6ecaaf633125b873 data-privacy henri_950x700--upscale dirk-gently-robot-meme

(Cambridge, MA - March 5, 2009)  - Illustrative slides at shown as Daniel E. Lieberman, (cq) Professor of Anthropology speaks about "Survival of the fleetest, smartest or fattest? Thinking about evolution and dysevelution of humans 150 years after 'On The Origin of Species' " inside the Geological Lecture Hall at Harvard University. Staff Photo Kris Snibbe/Harvard News Office

(Cambridge, MA – March 5, 2009) – Illustrative slides at shown as Daniel E. Lieberman, (cq) Professor of Anthropology speaks about “Survival of the fleetest, smartest or fattest? Thinking about evolution and dysevelution of humans 150 years after ‘On The Origin of Species’ ” inside the Geological Lecture Hall at Harvard University. Staff Photo Kris Snibbe/Harvard News Office

figure1.2 development-of-civilization-diagram scientific-method-steps scivspseudosci3 7-ways-to-identify-pseudoscience-infographic Plot-idea A sample of the supposed cuneiform inside the bowl Real proto-cuneiform A nineteenth-century mason's hammer. king-tide_650x366 c910fcf933bb405abf7eb5ee70de1cb4-c910fcf933bb405abf7eb5ee70de1cb4-0 Rocking Star tumblr_n6aqfbqWKC1roqv59o1_500 technocratic_socialism__the_basics_by_valendale-d88fp6p Science-Vs-Religion_o_107775 newton-amp-039-s-law-of-internet_o_2061071 Plasma_2 states matter-states-01 spectrum rbg colour wheel prism Keybord-Color tumblr_ma24d4u7ob1rufxh4o1_500 unicorns-rhinos comp4,0 90s PC_290X230 old-pc comp4,0 amiga_3000 128357431_c3a4f1079a NotesOutline a-trophy-hunter-waiting-for-a-valid-argument1 pWuTa microfilm_on_reader 0dxb Dubai dubai_480 4948254799_f7da241af4_b fascism-you-really-think-itll-be-this-obvious-yes im-telling-you-the-man-and-the-dog-are-working-together abuse-of-power-dog-and-sheep khajuraho-erotic-carvings 120_THE_COVE_e?xe?:Mise en page 1 maxresdefault food inc piracy-is-not-theft piracy-copyright-stealing-theft delonghi-nespresso-coffee-machine-en660r-medium robin-hood-vs-piracy images Google-Battling-Copyright-Infringement2 FBIas Anti-Piracy Warning Seal-300 bcspeedlimit sea-to-sky-highway-99-closed-in-both-directions-after-bus-crash 1954-Cadillac-Fleetwood-Elvis-600-Optimized 99a6334dfdaa7927920bf90ce6114ec2e26bce237c294213ee2ab26e78a54dda greece-and-the-eu_o_377056 dnmandera2112fa 106280_600 52-Organizing-Tips-For-The-OCD 914f68a736cf6b7e6e45d67865fbb1c8 FLEEMANSpharmacyCOKErwLIPACKowner future-tower-power-agriculture spiralfarm towergarden 7qs6m2 computer-science-majors-600x320 Lamarr EmmyNoether MulticulturalWIS minimalist-posters-six-women-science Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin MargaretMead features_mead_book mead fibonacci-spiral-inventions1 6a0f075757dc0cedecc22ef9e76ba3fc Maler_der_Grabkammer_des_Sennudem_001 f69ca96b4f50691b84ff178904660bd9 93837-036-5FC8F959 invention-wheel-sumerian HeritageTimeLine d-wave_exterior polls_monkeys_5402_278712_poll_xlarge famous_french_monuments_eiffel_tower 18f4l8wblmm8sjpg famous monuments_4b00499853876 Colosseo_1 boat-tools2 fe05aedb3b6c011a120ace5db8d7e9b8 Dallas_INT113007 knotslanding21 lobby_graphic_for_web_0 XtXb9pD 01b582d city donuts Aussie+council+workers+aussie+council+workers+getting+the+job+done_76f38c_4376906 almost-correct-construction-worker_o_379268 analog-and-digital-watches 1 Halifax_Explosion_Aftermath_LOC_1_-_retouched halifax disaster full_Vol_203_201-13-11_20Slide_20Deck_20_231.075 Machu.Picchu.original.2637 Chichen_Itza_3



3028933-inline-s-methane-03 _44820050_cows512

cow farts are a source methane a greenhouse gaspolls_03_12_07_pod_0239_889441_poll_xlarge 000-0814194805-cowfarts _86999270_kyliewheelchairdisabledtweet3 75977_10151338316061121_246168890_n 5309_426368314126971_1465648172_n 8e6c3c9c6d629ca27b1d58eb041ae2c6 mount-polley-mine-success-in-safety Mt.Polley-tailings-pond-breach-Chambers-CBC-04Aug2014 a5fdddddf82578855326eac96a88218d40fbee98a5bc81e9d95f04260bc5d0c4 only-90s-kids-will-remember-meme fl96s sunstone F1.large 6a00d8341bf67c53ef015392c0abdf970b-800wi 070302_viking_ship_02 dn20052-2_539 31802uunartoq3 abba-arrival(37) hindenburg-explodes hind4a h34_70507023 an-inscription-on-the-pavement-in-the-grassmarket-marks-the-spot-where-ebfp3e Hindenburg_over_New_York_1937 Titanic 51IXwVxc6-L._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_ 51TJYT3345L._SX315_BO1,204,203,200_ 5113TVM7GEL._SX313_BO1,204,203,200_ airship explodes 567c10ea6c417-Genius-Challenge-Religion-Entry-rev1 flying-beyond-the-stall-master uARMPDyjiENKyUz7JRmQmLCH8L5 g7726jh2-1415192523 boeing787 Era_of_flight_F-15_f-86_P-38 Giant_planes_comparison-1200 9781498726177 Caudron_G3-3-300px electric-trains 71yRtBZhL0L._SX425_ 066396 train12 001 spellbound4ki2.9485 gobekli-tepe gc3b6bekli-tepe-1 euclid-39-s-window-the-story-of-geometry-from-parallel-lines-to-hyperspace multigen1 tornado North-Korea-Image-photo pavement-floor-you-had-one-job lmwfl job-meme dzbd10ha_profile_f1 Betavhs2 772066351852676897 television-120604 television-history-timeline usb_drive 51-Untruths-From-Television 419WA8MRA6L._SX300_ VkIVQAN When I was in Memphis in 1987, I bought a copy of this photo in a gift store. I had never seen it before and the homoerotic factor hit home a while later in a Georgia Straight newspaper interview, Jerry lee Lewis - at the time of the Dennis Quaid bio-flick, talked about him and Elvis riding bikes nude and that if anyone knew then what they had gotten up to - both of their careers would have been over. cfda2609771b2adb7cc1ee9ca76943ef tunguska3 Nikola_Tesla tesla.tunguska22 tesla_tower



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