Parallax and POV Shifters: Paradigms

Shifting without a clutch, so to speak. Transitions and transformatives.

4 Kathy me 3 Lenny Up

Comedy is Drained Trauma from Drama over Time.

2 Ellen Me 2 Nina Power Up

If it’s bitter, it’s Philosophy, the darker the more truthful, thus illumination through allusion, referential, imaginary illusion, symbolic abstraction, concrete conceptualizations, Perspective of Distance, intensity of recall .. if it’s caustic enough, it’s humour, through the acidic washes lurching from taboo and touchiness, culpability … projection, rejection, impact retention, Thick or Thin,,,

1 Elvis power Up 3d

memories, memorable and memorized… emotions emoted, spoken word or melodically sung, staccataco or sotto voce. the breath, the beat the beat the beat, Generational Turn, Fad once, Technology twice… One’s World View rather depends on one’s view of the world., eh?

harbour side scenery porn THISONE homeless reflects society glacier bay pollutionrainbows

What your place is, and what places one can access…. Understanding the Global Climate of Climate, not just Economics and Who Gets A Middle Class Now being played in Countries, while Religious wars continue to displace people and disrupt governments. All Governments. Something that the UN has utterly also fallen prey to,…

a collapsing economic system

a collapsing economic system

Researchers have taken amazing 3D images of butterflies developing within their chrysalis. See the images and a video here:

Researchers have taken amazing 3D images of butterflies developing within their chrysalis. See the images and a video here:

elvis and mom tetris

and need replacing, or to lead a plan for some life to come of this one place where we know it was able to be supported, until humans widely altered the conditions because of industry/manufacture/mass production – Lead Painted and Plastic Replaceable Crappulance, some with shiny lights and buttons and sound effect – and obsolete business planning of selling product, when 3-D printing make manufacture obsolete, the Industrial Era is Over and it’s is now the era of Niche Nation Boutiquism – the Lessons of Iceland and It’s recovery. Arts and Crafts and archeology and scenic  tourism. See the Glaciers before it’s too late and please ignore that massive plume of pollution. Propullsion – why aren’t we building crafts with solar sails? float on the medium you travel through – ok – right – well, one way tripps, that, eh…

We the people invisibilty visibility silence

Silence = Death – not just the silence of the victims, but of the witnesses and bystanders, the so called Silent Majority, the Go Alongers to Get Alongers… the toadies and voters of the leaders.

equality reality

Canada: 10 Years ago – Marriage Equality and Tourism Booms to Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal – where there were Queer Communities for American Queers to not only not be judged for being gay, but getting out of a country where walking while not white-hetero or sans penis is a capital crime or an invitation to be raped. In addition to the criminal and the probability of being killed by a police officer.

Rainbow crossing 6 Pat Robertson

Our Gated Communities are to Keep the Elderly in One Place to reduce wandering.

Can we just say that it’s time to retire preachers once they have hit the age of 50 and they need to be on medication and not be dragged out for TV appearances where what they say is a clear indication of Elder Abuse – You Are assuming a level of relevanence to society you no longer have.

50 is the new 30 to not trust anyone over that age of, eh? Awe, those 1960s reactionaries, are so confused when their generation is over. Reactionaries get increasinly distrubed the farther away from their golden era. MegaChurches become a pope without ever graduating High School – Religion should have been over with the Nun Bun.

2freidrichcoch Thomas Moore

Peak Idiocy – I don’t see a difference.

Government social engineering specialist patch

History Repeats because people won’t learn it, no matter how many times it was being taught in actuality or as current events turned history. social engineering specialist The stupid it burns

Public Education relies on TextBooks and everything I learned in Post Secondary School is freely available. Schools need to teach how to learn skills and apply them, not how much crap one can memorize. How to Think. It’s a Critical Skill. Plus Project and Time Management. Core Skills.

Nina Meme think-of-the-children

The times only change when change is seen.


Hillary 3 Hillary 2 Hillary 1 Steinbeck

this is the same as any woman who's had sex is deemed to not have been raped. the victims are not on trial. yet that is what happens all the time.

this is the same as any woman who’s had sex is deemed to not have been raped.
the victims are not on trial. yet that is what happens all the time.

nation of change Canadian War on Queers

Truth and Reconciliation, Corrective Actions to Affirmation and Affirmative Ones, Employment Equity and Diversity.

It is cheaper to not discriminate than to have to compensate at a later time.

However, some types of Discrimination requires Survivors, which targets all individuals of a demographic based on geography and cultural practises and, depending on the geographic barriers – visual appearance (xenophobia)

Uncontacted Tribes

There is no longer any excuse for people to be bothered by that other people exist, and there hasn’t been for the last 200 years. The actual common era. It would appear that the last of the uncontacted peoples have mostly come out of the dwindling wilderness and asked for assimilation – in Brazil, other rainforestsy equatorial areas…

A new report has revealed illegal gold mining in the Amazon is causing widespread, and …


Is It Ethical to Leave Uncontacted Tribes Alone? | TIME

Jun 4, 2015 – All of those tribes have long raised the same questions: Is it ethical to mess with … The disappearance of uncontacted tribes may mean that …

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