Of Emps and Pyres

I’ve re-watched a History channel doc series call Engineering an Empire;  all about the huge public works of various civilizations

and they often say the line modern engineers are astounded that they built these things without modern equipment

which just goes to show you how effective a guy with a whip can be over a lot of people with little shovels, picks and buckets.

no, seriously, it makes me wonder why, with all our modern equipment and knowledge, that what we build today, doesn’t compare to these ancient works at all

why aren’t we building cool places and public works anymore?



of the series, the empires that were focussed on have all come and gone save for China.


the oldest continuous civilization still in existance




they just ended their one child policy


which had resulted in a gender imbalance in the population


so this should be interesting, given that China has something it has never had before: a middle class


I remember around 2009 during that earthquake that resulted in floods and destroyed towns – that were rebuilt in astonishing time


that during that disaster event,


there was spontaneous philanthropy and a groundswell of citizen assistance and aid giving



and I think about Japan and how the citizens have been during the reactor crisis, taking only enough so that everyone has some




I keep thinking, what does one life matter when while civilizations rise and disappear


Minoans, eh?


but then I find I need to remind myself


that it has to matter to me

it’s my life

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