Bathrooms: Private vs Public Access


I once accidentally walked into a men’s bathroom and used the facilities and did not realize until I was at the sink, washing my hands

looking in the mirror at the urinals on the wall behind me

realizing that I was in the wrong room

when a man entered, and looked at me,stepped back out and looked at the door symbol and then at me again,

so I said “I’m in the wrong room”

it was very comical, and most of the time, people are jut going about their business

it’s the times when some people are not and there are places where it’s dangerous and predatory people know where to hunt for their prey

public safety and public policy has to include awareness of crime, not just ideals


You just described a “Southwest” commercial from a few years back. “Wanna Get Away?”


I have not seen the commercial

did they really do one with a woman in a men’s bathroom?

i am not sure how that relates to air travel


In this particular commercial, a woman in the airport was walking and realized she needed to adjust her contact lenses, as one was about to fall out. She went into the restroom and got herself situated over the sink. Once her vision was clear, she saw a man standing next to her and realized she inadvertently entered the Men’s Room.


ah, well, I was at Sinclair Centre in Vancouver BC, it was the bathrooms off the food fair in the public mall portion of the structure.

I had written an exhausting exam for a government job competition in one of the towers (there’s 2) and despite being a government employee, the competition visitors were not allowed into the departmental bathroom and so I had to use the public one.

I walked in and didn’t think that there was only two stalls, and one was occupied. I went into the remaining stall and went over to the sink, confused by the big empty space and at the sink realized that I don’t normally see urinals

then, the door opened at the second man at the door was doing the spit take with the symbol, and I drawled out my sorry I’m in the wrong room

the guy in the stall suddenly started breathing heavy in a panic, he’d been in there when I walked in, so my sitting down to pee probably confused him.

and I just left them to it and went back to the government building where I worked.


Police arrested 12 trans women & cut their hair off in public in a brutal raid

This happened in the US bible Belt ?


they wish it could

and they will be so jealous that one of them probably will attempt it or something worse

Human Beings don’t deserve to live on this planet. Man is the only species that is cruel an inhumane, religion of any kind only magnifies it.


domestic cats also kill for fun

and even Jane Goodall documented war and rape in chimps

it’s too bad we didn’t discover the bonobos first, eh?

that would have caused a very different idea in the early science days about humans

besides, climate change will not be a debate phrase when other phrases like

6th mass extinction or Acceptable Losses get tossed around

human rights mean very little with an environment, air to breath, water to drink

and things to eat other than each other

7 billion plus humans with less than 1% genetic diversity vs all the other species of animals and plants

we battle each other and we’re loosing to the bugs: virus and bacteria

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Bathrooms: Private vs Public Access

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