Prevention vs Party Pills: Policy vs Prejudice

Publix grocery chain refuses to protect employees from HIV

America is such a strange country…. The richest country of the world, and yet you have to beg to get the medicine you need. Worse: what medications you can have is dictate by the company you work for ?
I live in Brazil, PreP just started to be implemented, and it is free…. and its sponsored by the State, so no company can object to you taking it…


each state is like a nation and they are a republic, not a democracy for starters

and companies acting as if they own the employees is a whole other level of weirdness

If people want to live in a safe country, then limiting education and impacting employment options and denying health care is not the way to accomplish a thriving or sustainable society

I feel like this article is trying a little too hard to turn Publix into the next Chick-Fil-A or Hobby Lobby. I lived in Florida for 16 years, and have a lot of family and friends there. Two of my close gay friends there have worked for Publix for almost 20 years now. They have always raved about how inclusive Publix is, and how little they have had to fight for anything.

Perhaps Publix is currently weighing its options on new medication, and the relevance of such an offering in general? Perhaps this issue will receive recognition at the next meeting of the employees/owners? Perhaps waiting for more than one employee’s allegations ought to have been taken into account?


makes me wonder what that company does with access to birth control for hetero employees

sex negative and punitive morality does not belong in the goods/services industry


I can agree with you on that!


companies need to learn the meaning of work life balance

and the movie “9 to 5” needs a re-release or a reboot.

thank you most kindly

your insider peek was informative

it may well be that they are just freaking out over the costs

as many companies did, but, for those that depend on skilled workers

they need to offer the benefits to attract and keep the talent

the number one reason people leave jobs is the supervisor/boss

usually being controlling and micromanaging.

and I can’t think of anything more so than people’s private lives and personal medical matters.

they got the CEOs name wrong. It’s Todd, not Randall, which a 30 second Google search would show. Which means you couldnt bother to fact check a simple thing like his name, but expect full credibility on the rest? As for the HRC rating: Publix offered same sex couples benefits in Florida before gay marriage was legal in Florida, provided they were married legally in a state where it was legal. Making them the first major company in Florida, and to the best of my knowledge, America, to offer benefits outside of the legal requirements of their state. Publix is, and always has been, a company that promotes equality among its employees. Women have huge opportunities, as do LGBT folk simply because the company culture doesn’t allow for discrimination of any kind.


So, you’re ok with them denying coverage for truvada. Got it.


Youre OK with accepting facts from a site that can’t get a basic one like the CEOs name right? Explains your poor attempt at strawmanning.


fixation on tiny details while ignoring the big picture and social realities explains yours


No. I learned about this travesty from a reputable source. I just happened to comment on this site. But, you go ahead and celebrate putting more gay men at risk of HIV infections thanks to hateful ideologies.


So you know for fact that it’s a hateful ideology and not just a matter of cost? Hmm… Interesting. I suppose it’s also a hateful ideology that prevents cosmetic surgery from being covered by almost all insurance plans. Damn bigots kept my wife from getting a breast reduction surgery then. Say what you like, but the reality is this: condoms prevent HIV. As does stringent screening of sexual partners. Insurance not covering a nonessential drug is pretty common. I’m sorry, at the end of the day this isnt discrimination. No one at the company is covered for high risk sexual behaviors. Homosexual or heterosexual.


without the hate ideology

the cost of prevention is obviously cheaper than employees with chronic illness, or dead and needing replacing


Obviously, which is why they offer the flu shot for free to all employees and at a deep discount to their families. But, and again, this isnt the flu. This is the sexual equivalent of getting hit by a bus. So, should they also have someone follow you around to make sure you don’t get hit by a bus?

At the end of the day no one has made a compelling argument as to why this elective medication should be covered, aside from emotional knee jerk reasons. As I have said multiple times: it’s 2018, if you’re having unprotected sex with random strangers it’s your responsibility, not anyone else’s. HIV is completely preventable. Condoms and screening partners will do it. If this pill prevented herpes and all the other incurable diseases I would be all for its inclusion. It doesn’t. So they’re still going to have to practice safe sex. So it makes the pill moot.


because prevention of any disease is more cost effective than having the disease

and vaccines are one form of herd immunity and these pills are another

that pill is a safer sex device for a particular disease

which impacts more heterosexuals globally

you are the one imposing a value judgement and ignoring best medical practises


Again: safe and effective prevention methods *already* exist in the forms of condoms and not engaging in high risk behavior This pill isn’t doing anything that, literally, billions of people have already been doing.

So again: this is an elective medication. They will still need condoms. So it’s not even particularly effective at making sex ‘safer’. Hepatitis still exists.

At the end of the day my suggestion has resulted in HIV infection rates dropping. Because it’s the same thing the CDC has been saying for 20 years. My suggestion protects against *all* STDs. And my suggestion will still be needed even if they’re on the pill. Because HIV isnt the only disease to worry about.

So, again, why would insurance cover something that isn’t actually going to encourage better health? Let’s face it: ‘I can’t get HIV because I’m on the pill’ will be same as young women getting STDs while on birth control because ‘I’m on the pill’.


birth control does not prevent diseases, only reduces the risk of pregnancy

and no one method works alone, it’s all the devices and practices together

AIDs is a global pandemic and limiting anything that would reduce risk is medically irresponsible and not socially defensible

and your conclusion is clearly based in your sexual disgust and value judgement, and is nothing that corporate or government policy should be based in, otherwise systemic oppression is the result of the social oppression that you support


Ah, now ad hominem. You’re a real winner aren’t you?

A vaccination that prevents cervical cancer in more than half the population is not the same as an elective pill that protects you from an already preventable disease taken by less than 10% of the population purely so they can continue to engage in high risk sexual behavior. As a health care professional you should surely understand the enormous difference between HIV, which can be completely stopped by condoms and testing, versus HPV which can be contracted from skin to skin contact and condoms don’t fully protect from it.

Fact: 50 of the population needs HPV vaccines. Fact: 10% of the population could use HIV prevention medication. See the difference? One is necessary, one is elective.

Again, no one with this insurance is covered. There is no discrimination here. There are only people demanding they receive an elective medication. Again: until a breast reduction is covered without a specialized recommendation you don’t actually have an argument. Any arguments you may have are moot since every living person could use this. And it’s not covered for any of them. Because insurance isn’t there for those times you intentionally hurt yourself. And let’s face it, if you’re having unprotected sex, in 2018, after the AIDs epidemic, you’re playing Russian roulette anyway. No one should have to pay for your poor choices but you.

Would it be nice? Sure. But should they be guilted into it by a poorly written article that doesn’t get the most basic facts right, and is being defended by people who also assume they know the reasons this isn’t covered? Absolutely not. Because get this: this pill isn’t necessary for life. It’s wholly elective.


you are on a site to complain about the content and deny said content

trolling and gaslighting does not make one a winner

now you’re doing bad math to support prejudice

the percentage of the population does not matter

and Aids has killed more heterosexuals globally than other demographics

the world owes the gay men of america for having the income and access to health care that allowed Aids to be identified in the first place back in the 1980s

And what are your medical credentials from which you are giving all this bad medical advise?


It amuses me that you don’t have an argument so it’s trolling and gaslighting. The reality is far simpler. This isn’t news. This isnt unique to Publix. This is, at best, a poor example of news, and at worst a hatchet job. As multiple other comments have pointed out. But folks like you think feelings are the same as logical arguments. If this is the ‘facts’ you base your worldview off of you make yourself look like a fool. Elective medicines are rarely covered. I’m sorry. That’s life. And since there are already effective ways to prevent HIV this isn’t necessary. It’s also not being given to heterosexuals, so there is no discrimination. Sorry. That’s life. Sometimes it sucks.


this is a news site and that is a news story
written by professionals

my post’s point was that your post has no point

and by your comments, you reveal your value bias

prevention and herd immunity is a public health and safety issue

across all communicable diseases & demographics

contracts and contract language is all negotiable, so the fallacy of this is how it’s been done is not a reason to not make a change that is an improvement


I wonder if they cover that medically necessary medication, Viagra.


You mean a pill that actually resolves a known medical issue known as Erectile Dysfunction? I would imagine they do. Because it is a treatment for a known problem. Tomato/Potato argument.

This pill doesn’t cure anything, has to be taken daily, and exists purely as a prevention for a disease that comes wholly from risky sexual behavior. And as I said earlier: if you’re having unprotected sex, in 2018, then anything that happens is on you. No one else.


made up things to justify a pill that the big pharma invented

is not a real medical issue

but a symptom of underlying health issues

treating a symptom is not treating the actual condition

let’s also not pretend that pills are easily obtained from doctors or doctor shopping.

viagra is a party drug and too easily given

viagra should have to be on par with the issuing of women’s birth control and the morning after pill





Is there a list of grocery stores we can choose to go to that we know support their employees in this manner? I called Safeway and the Customer Service Agent couldn’t answer my question.


that was brilliant

and something more people should do

demand direct accountability from companies

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