Dear Darling Brat Princess


I just got home from 4 days at a lesbian convention, thank you for eight months of reminding me what a butch lap or dyke lap is for, eh.

I saw Ferron in concert, went to the afterparty and on the last morning, saw Ferron on her coffee run and got a hug. it was an amazing convention. 

Enjoy your life, thanks for helping me get my Dyke Lap back. I sat a long time at the convention in the hotel, where I had a number of flirtations and decisions about who to let onto my dyke lap

Enjoy your life, Maggie, and thanks partly to you, I can enjoy mine. Thanks for reminding me what Butch, Dyke, Queer Dyke. all our laps are for, eh.

your dream dyke in canada, eh.


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