Boldfest15: Ferron’s Most Intense Hometown Show

I only heard about it this year, Boldfest at the 2019 Dyke March in Vancouver BC where I saw three women carrying a banner on a hot summer day and when I saw later in the march only one carrying the banner, I offered to help carry it on the march day. and then I signed up for the conference, and then I answered a just before the conference advert for a roommate.

I have been agoraphobic for a decade more or less, and being at a conference with a lot of other people, even ones very much like me, was a challenge

but I broke two rules I had at the convention, and the second one was to not join the committee for the event and I did that on day three and really, I think I did it when I took one side of this and this photos is a woman who had a birthday on day three of the convention and she came out 20 years before me and in a rural area of geography of where I live in the major city.

at the last night of a beyond amazing four days, I saw Ferron’s most intensely personal concert in front of her Hometown Crowd, got the first autograph

and I don’t mean to brag, but I was given an invite to the afterparty

so the next morning, I saw Ferron again on a coffee run outside the hotel and said hello, then sorry and she hugged me.

Only in Canada, eh.

anyway, I usually get home and read program booklets to find out what I missed

but this year, my first year, I attended all the workshops that I needed to

because on day one of the convention, I broke my first rule

no more serial monogamy

I had planned to go to the conference for adult adventures and grassroots social activism spanning a variety of social issues that have been handed down the decades, and instead, met a woman that first night at a singles social mixer.

and I saw her the next day at the flirting workshop

and for a long time, she hugged me there and I missed most of the workshop that I was standing in the middle of

and then I missed one workshop because she asked me for a walk and I said yes

and we talked a long time in stanley park

but what is really funny is that everyone at the conference saw me as a intense at workshops and social butterfly outside, but I was afraid to talk to anyone

and people have all these rules they make up about social situations and that makes it harder to talk to anyone these days

so at least in the workshops, there was people who were trying to communicate

and they offered exercises that allowed people to have a reason to talk and something to say to each other

because I would have watched this woman the whole convention and not talked to her, because she takes my breath away, and it is difficult for me to speak personally, but I am a professional communicator, so once I get started, it is hard to shut me up

I get it dyke done most times and places over my life

but ….

she told me something that I have waited my whole life to hear

someone longing for the ideal relationship that I seek

so I just smiled at her and kept telling myself no, you had a plan to hedonist this convention

and I sat for a long time with the most beautiful woman I have seen

and when she looks at me and her eyelashes move

I can’t, all words silence in my throat, where after a bit over a decade of being agoraphobic and not feeling my heart beating, because my disheartened state makes me not be able to feel anything and major depression silenced my voice, where few strong emotions trip my Canadian Turrets and I speak truth to power, not use profanity or bigotry. I can sometimes find my voice, which I used in the workshops I did attend.

so I spent four days in the middle of some of the most amazing dykes and lesbians from across North America, being present and self caring and assertive, and explained no we can not allow this in workshops and had to explain no means no in a variety of ways to a number of individuals at the conference and even on the street outside the hotel – who approached me in a wide variety of ways, some appealing others not so much and a few a little gross, in particular the men and the women who acted like men entitled to touch and say whatever they wanted to someone they did not know at all or anything about.

so, I know I want to say yes to the woman I met that first night, but lucky for me this is a blog on the internet in web 3.0 that began at the end of the blog era and thepeak social media web 2.0 era, less journalling and more promoting. Web 3.0 sucks and I can’t wait to leave the internet. i don’t care for the wordpress update to a layout software reducing blogging to be an easy webpage crafter instead of a journey documentation of personal narratives.

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so.. dear readers of dykewriter

Having decided I am only ever going to flirt in person when I have eye contact with the woman I am flirting with and I only want flirting from any lesbian flirting with me in person with eye contact.

I will have to go to another city to find out if this Meet Cute Lesbian Boldfest story has a kiss in it

but I have to remind myself I promised me no more lesbian serial monogamy

and as I sit in a stupor with a smile, tired and happy, post conference on my face

I think to myself. I saw Ferron’s most intense personal reveal concert

then, I went to the afterparty after sitting on my hotel bed staring at my hotel roommate after chosing to go to bed alone or go to a headliner party

and this being Canada, eh. What happens in stays in conference rules rule.

Got it #DykeDone

and in four days, I learned the best lessons of what a #ButchLap and #DykeLap is for.

It’s good to be butch, when you find the right femme

it’s what all the songs of longing and heartache are for

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  1. I can sense your big smile from across the pond!


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