“ProLife” is code for AntiWoman

and “family values” is code for anti-LGBTQ2

Let everyone be very very clear about this.

If Trump is impeached and Pence becomes president, we’re screwed | XtraAnd you thought Agent Orange was badwww.dailyxtra.com

Onno Singularitya day ago

Gut feeling says he isn’t queer himself, just angry he didn’t get to experience real romance (the being afraid of being alone with women thing) and wants to punish those he believes are sexually liberated.

nina tryggvason

punishing everyone else who is sexual is religion’s main thing, regardless of sexuality

he calls his wife mother and is afraid to be in a room with women and fixated on a particular Olympic sports gay

Lest We Forget

nina tryggvasona day ago

I am surprise world leaders are willing to sit near trump

Alex Blue – Owner
All Things Canadian: From East Coast to West Coasta day ago

‘I am personally pro-life,’ Scheer says, vowing not to re-open abortion debateA day after three federal party leaders pushed him to declare his personal feelings about abortion in a debate, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said today he is personally “pro-life” but a government led by him would not change the status quo.apple.newsShareEmoji

nina tryggvason5 hours ago

pro life means he is anti-woman and he is anti marriage equality. he cannot be in public office when he dislikes the majority of the public

Lina Dewi G. Harlequeen14 hours agoedited

There were no Christians around as the Torah was invented.

Alex Bluean hour ago

All religions say kill the infidel, etcetera etcetera

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

Mormon is a 2.5 reversion to do a work around the no adultry rule and it is funny how polygamy which is in these religions tried to use that against marriage equality until it was shown how that did not hold any legal merit and many nations now have equality. and America is allied with nations that do not.

Bill Clinton was the first American President to meet with gays and lesbians in the oval office and Obama was the first American President to include Atheists as Americans.

I’m trans and studying for a career in an industry dominated by straight men. The microaggressions are getting to me. Should I drop out? | Xtra
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Onno Singularity7 hours ago

I firmly believe straight men should call out straight men more. Awfulness festers in an environment of making excuses

nina tryggvason5 hours ago

i agree. it is the only way straight men have to show there are good ones. and why women who do the defend the men show there are few good women

Onno Singularity5 hours ago

Yup, no more ‘keeping the peace’, it’s time actions have consequences

nina tryggvason

#IdleNoMore and #LestWeForget

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