ReligionWatch: Mother Teresa Sainted

19 years after dying in a hospital where there were doctors and nurses and most importantly, medical treatment, the Mother Teresa was superfasted to Saint status.

I guess it was important for the Vatican to do this in this year, rather than the 20th anniversary of her death; because UK’s Princess Di’s funeral leaderboarded in the ratings.

I first became aware of Mother Teresa in the 1980s, when she came as a featured attraction in the Billy Graham anti-abortion campaign.


Women’s lack of reproduction control, access to education are why poverty is crushed and how it can be reversed.

When I learned that some guy named Christopher Hitchens had completely exposed her as the fraud she was: and going right to the 1960s documentary filmmaker who confused lens flare on film for a holy halo to the 1970s Lancet Journal pointing out the complete lack of medical pretense in her India Suffering Warehouses.

The Vatican has always been a boys club and they have never taken kindly to women trying to be godly, I mean, how did they miss the whole other miracle potential of when Pope Joan gave birth during her Pope coronation… or the later Joan D’Arc who cross dressed and inspired the peasants while confounding even the King she swore to.


With Mother Teresa, the wealthy born woman who gave it up for God was too good a propaganda and she filled the Vatican coffers from the Caribbean in ways that the Colonizer Colonials would have been astonished by.

Causing the poverty around the world that forces people into churches, being sold the same nothing and being groomed for pedophiles. Centuries after Centuries.


Money for nothing and altar boys for free.

Predators who prey.. Predophiles

After her death, letters came to light that she’s stopped feeling God and began to doubt.. but she never stopped stealing from the poor and giving to the richest.

One of the miracles is a claim by a nun that she was cured of an illness for which there was never a doctor or diagnosis.

I think others were the nun bun.

it is a wonder that religions persist when they are foolish and corrupt on the face of them

Canonization Mass: Pope declares Mother Teresa a saint and model of mercy | National Post

She was evil incarnate.

She created India’s national reputation

She took money from dictators

She warehoused sick and dying people so she could indulge in her suffering fetish

then, when she was dying, she went to a hospital

but just her luck. Princess Di’s funeral eclipsed MT’s

Vatican Sex Crimes: International Cable of Pedophiles

not when “charity” is “the church” and it goes to administration, property owning and government lobbying

which makes them not charities

 Knightly proclivity war sports
Lucrezia Borgia – a Pope’s Controversial Daughter
She poisoned to make her Daddy Pope, how a garden grows
Mystery of the pregnant pope: New film reopens one of the Vatican's most enduring wounds
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