Iceland’s Elf Rock Highway 2016

Atheist majority. | More: |#atheist#atheism

IP. Man

Yeah but they believe in pixies and goblins, that’s freaky too.

Ma Kratos

Long live iceland

building a Norse Temple too

+IP. Man But do they knock on your door on Saturday morning asking you to believe pixies and goblins and write legislature based on them?

+009blush most people in Iceland believe in the fey folk and yes, the Highway Department was not allowed to move a rock because of Elves.

+009blush Haha no is not like religion but it’s serious enough to change rules if needed like+Nina Trygg said. Every child get teach this Folklore in school. So it’s part of life.

To Christian fundamentalists, non-Christians smiling is evil and depravity.

Or, for some of them, breathing.

Take me there

+French Bradford you have to be already able to speak the language, it’s only about 22,000 words and change your name to qualify.

+Nina Trygg How many people were inconvenienced and in what way?

IP. Man And make laws based upon that unfortunately.

+009blush Iceland has a population of abut 350,000

+UberTheRandom Randomizer Don’t know have seen it on Documentary I’m living not there. If the whole society follow this culture it should not a problem.

+IP. Man Yeah it seems more silly than harmful in this case. And most people don’t seem to mind it. I definitely wouldn’t mind living there I think. 🙂

the world first noticed Iceland’s Elves when President Bill Clinton met with Russia’s Boris Yeltsin. (I forget if he was PM or President) – the Boris and Bo Show…
Iceland’s powerful Elf Lobby wins fight to unearth Elfin Lady Stone buried by construction workers

Iceland's powerful Elf Lobby wins fight to unearth Elfin Lady Stone buried by construction workers

Iceland’s ‘elf church’ rock moved to end road row – BBC News
Iceland's 'elf church' rock moved to end road row - BBC News

The Godless-Nerd

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harry Grant

7:44 AM


Gabe Mondragon

7:50 AM


Nina Trygg

8:28 AM

why can’t the oppressees dislike their oppressors?

+Nina Trygg
Because funny enough the pepole opressing us isn’t based on these factors and it isn’t just white pepole
If you look at places like America and England places that the majority of the population are cisgendered stright white men the disqrimanation towards LGBT+ individuals is very low
Load but low and if you look at places like the middle east and Asian countries it’s mostly them who are sexist transphobic racist and homopobic but still it’s not because they are that race but they aren’t white so statically white pepole have the less racist people
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Nina Trygg

8:58 AM

+The Godless-Nerd a person with some social privileged telling others without any that they have to like them because other people have it worse elsewhere is just grabbing for victimhood white men are not entitled to. that is just more bullying
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Nina Trygg

8:58 AM

+The Godless-Nerd north american conservatives have made being white a bad thing at worse or embarrassing at best.

“cisgendered stright white men” countries that are brutal to homosexuals and transexuals are more the middle east. I think another brutal beating and murder of a trans individual occurred in Pakistan last week. By cisgendered brown men
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Scratch that, Turkey. Turkey is the country this year alone holding the highest rates of brutal beatings, rapes and murders of trans, including by the police. So much for blaming whitey

Nina Trygg

9:30 AM

that people don’t get along anywhere does not mean bullies in one location excuse or mitigate bullies in another. or make bullies into just another victim class.

Gabe Mondragon

10:18 AM

Western civizations such as Europe and the United States, Canada, are more accepting of lgbt culture. And a brown muslim killed 49 people for being gay. I know you want to hate white men so much you’ll ignore facts

Gabe Mondragon

10:22 AM

Unless you can show me a country of evil white males that bans pride marches like Turkey does, you officially have been called on your bullshit Nina

Nina Trygg

12:28 PM

+Gabe Mondragon white men who cannot understand the greater social impact are the problem and this meme is exactly that. you are not my ally when you are demanding respect as a member of the group that is the problem in America and Canada, which are the relevant cultures to this meme.
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Nina Trygg

12:29 PM

+Gabe Mondragon what you are saying is that tolerating my existance is good enough and that you are owed more consideration than me and my demographic. Your lack of understanding the full complexity and focussing on your own self and demographic as being not as bad as others is your lack of insight and cognitive dissonance.
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Nina Trygg

2:41 PM

funny too, how I am the one being told to Foff, but the Het White man is the victim…

Nina Trygg

2:43 PM

America has yet to pass the ERA, but since they are now willing to draft transgendered people, Daughters get to go to war too… because of Pale Males and other Male leaders who can’t get over their penis feelings.

Nina Trygg

2:43 PM

You don’t get to oppress me and then say you’re an ally and I need to get over it. You have to earn it by doing more than red herrings.
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